Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Total Hotness!"

I’m on a mission.  A mission to total “Hotness!” 
I have till Cinco De Mayo to transform my current body to...TOTAL HOTNESS!

Ok, so the real story goes something like this:

Sam and I are fat and lazy.  We don’t like how we feel with our extra weight so we did what we ALWAYS do and pulled out the Double Dare!
Nothing gets me moving like a little COMPETITION!!

I can tell he’s a little nervous about this.  He’s prodding around trying to get me to tell him what workouts I’m doing.
I know he wants my idea’s but I’m NOT falling for his tricks!

I have Mommy Power!  
I’m doing crazy workouts all day long!  Who needs the Gym?
I’m up and down 2 flights of STAIRS a billion times a day!  I’m RUNNING errands, LIFTING Abi every time she says
“Hold You” and I’m CURLING my hair a few times a week!
Each morning I do a few good STRETCHES in bed and SIT UPS every time I get out of bed.  I SQUAT in the bathroom all the time and have a two year supply  of PULL UPS .

He’s got NOTHING on me!

Poor guy.  He’s up and running outside in FREEZING temperatures before the sun comes up.  Sometimes I think he tries to hard. 

Today I boosted my stair climbing workout by carrying this 50lb bag of salt.  Ahhh, hurts so good! 

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