Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's Visit!!

Santa saw our sign outside and decided to pay a visit! What a surprise!

We asked him to deliver the gift to our Neighbor for the 12 Days of Christmas!! Surprise!!

The Kids glued to the window looking for his Sleigh. Even the Dad is still a fan!

Let it Snow!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cards?

I can't seem to get my act together to create Christmas cards. I have a few great ideas but I'm really lacking in the excecution department. I tried taking photos before church but found one REALLY grumpy child that I wanted to threaten a lump of coal to. This is what I got:

Peace On Earth??

Humm...Apparently PEACE on EARTH needs to be reviewed.

I love telling Jace the story of baby Jesus every morning. I love the soft glow from the Christmas tree. I love the Magic I can see in my kids eyes when they sing carols. I Love the warm house and decorations that bring me closer to my kids this Season.
I decorated to the theme "Believe in the Magic of Christmas." The Magic I have witnessed is how the love for baby Jesus transforms people. As I teach my 3 small kids about Christmas, I see Magic everywhere! I do Believe in the Magic the Savior of this world brings, if we make room for Him.

The Holidays!

It all starts at Thanksgiving!
First of all I turned 30!! Whoooo Hoooo! A greatly anticipated event for me! (More about that later)

Jennica performed at the Kindergarten Feast!
And explained how to cook a turkey!

We ventured into the City to peek at the Macy Day Balloons, along with 1 million others. I experience my 1st Human Traffic Jam!

Immediatly after the Turkey was devaured Christmas went up!

Jennica's Pink tree

Jarom and Jace's Blue Tree

Dad surprised us with a new train...Polar Express!!!

Jace LOVES this train. He LOVES everything about the Polar Express!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Party Time!

I haven't posted in awhile. Life suddenly got really fun!
I have such fun crazy friends.

AWESOME 80's Birthday Party:

Kristen you are the best looking 40 year old I know! You throw a great party too!

My best friend Treva...a shock to us all!
Earned Best Female Costume!

A party isn't complete without Rock Bands:

Me and the Birthday Girl