Monday, April 26, 2010

Jace's big 5!

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Big Brother just got bigger. Jace is now 5 years old. We celebrated with Birthday Pancakes in the morning, and Family Movie Night complete with Pizza and Candy.
His birthday "request" was a police costume with handcuffs....we didn't have any luck. The next best thing...Toy Story toys.
He was pleased with all the gifts but that night he kindly told me:

"Mom, I like my presents but next time you should have bought me a police costume."

Happy Birthday to my dress up King! Another costume diverted.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just as I Imagined

My Birth Story is simple and beautiful...just how I imagined it to be.

“When are you due?“ people would ask.

”Easter Sunday!“ Was my reply, although my actual due date was Saturday. I just knew it was going to happen on a Sunday.

All my babies come on Sunday.

At nights I would lie awake in bed and visualize how my labor would play out , and what do you know...It happened that very way.

First of all, I knew Grandma Trena had to be here. Her flight was scheduled for the Wednesday Night before the due date.

”What are you backup plans?“ My mom would ask when we talked on the phone.

”I don’t do backup plans Mom, the baby isn’t coming till you get here.“ I reassured her.

Grandma arrived and we enjoyed three full days together...just as I imagined.
I still had some unpacking and decorating to do since moving and we tried to have all the supplies on hand so we could still move forward after the baby without having to go out.

Two days before my due date was declared ”Shop till I DROP“ We were running errands ALL day. I thought for sure the baby was going to fall out. By the end of the day I was holding my belly from underneath as I walked.

That night I prayed NOT to go into labor...I was too tired.

My due date, arrived.

The morning went on like usual. It was Conference weekend so we were preparing for our afternoon of Enlightenment.

Right at Noon Conference started along with my contractions!

I parked myself into the recliner with a blanket and water bottle and breathed through contractions while listening to the talks. I made it through the first session with contractions coming every 3 to 6 min.

The kids were thrilled with the possibility of a baby coming that day. Jennica stayed near and watched tenderly when I began breathing through the pain, offering me some water or a gentle pat then always asking: “Was that a big one?”

The rest of the afternoon contractions continued but didn’t seem to intensify as I’d hoped they would.

By dinner they had completely stopped.

The kids went to bed, Sam went to Priesthood Session at the church, and I sat on the couch and ate a PINT of Ben & Jerry’s and got a little depressed.
Mom rubbed my numb puffy feet with lotion and I complained about not having contractions anymore.

At 11pm I waddled up to bed frustrated but tired. It was clear to me I was not in charge.
I fell asleep quickly because the next thing I remember was being awakened with an intense contraction!

I looked at the clock. It was 12 midnight.

I sat upright in bed and wondered if I had just imagined that contraction. I lay back down with my eye on the clock ready and waiting for more.
12:03am another one came, These weren’t like the ones I had all afternoon. These were the big daddy’s.

Suddenly I was rethinking the whole “Wishing I were in labor” thoughts.

By 12:30am I awoke Sam and told him I was on my way to labor. He timed me at 3 min. apart for another half hour then I told him to make the call to the Mid-wife. I knew I had a 40min drive ahead of us and I could tell I was progressing.

At 1:30am I announced our departure to Grandma then climbed into the car wearing only my pink bathrobe and flip flops.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” Sam asked.

“No need” I answered “It’s all coming off when I get there anyway.”

The following 40 min. we drove to the Birthing Center with 3 min contractions.

The roads were obviously clear- traffic wasn’t going to be a problem....just as I had imagined.

A few min. before arriving I began questioning my position. Was this serious enough to be at the Birthing Center.
I knew I had to be dilated to at least a 6 before they will admit you. “Was I at a 6?“ I wondered.
The contractions really hurt but then for 3min I felt fine until the next one hit. It was during one of the 3 min. of no pain that I began having these thoughts.

When we pulled up to the Birthing Center the Mid-Wife greeted me at the car. She asked how I was doing just as I was hit with another contraction.
My entourage waited while I breathed through it and once it passed I climbed out of the car.

”I hope you take naked patients“ I joked as I walked to the door.
As I said that I felt my water began to leak (at the steps of the Birthing Center)
A Sense of relief came over me. That was my sure ticket to be admitted.

Once I was inside she asked to check how dilated I was.

I was a little nervous. I felt like I would be at least a 6.

”You’re at an 8!“ she announced a little surprised.

”An 8?“ I was shocked. ”Sam! I’m at an 8!“ I announced to him as he entered the room.

Hearing this gave me a bit of extra confidence.

”I drew you a bath, if your interested.” the Mid-wife offered.

That was music to my ears. A Hot bath was exactly what I wanted.

“The baby still looks a little high, it needs to drop a bit.” She observed as I dropped my robe.

Being the only one naked in a room would normally make me a little uncomfortable, but I’ve noticed when I am in labor I don’t care who is watching.

I climbed in and thought I was in Heaven. It felt so nice.

“Would you be interested in birthing in the tub?”

I have had thoughts about a Water Birth but didn’t visualize that happening for some reason.

“Lets wait and see when the time comes.” I answered. I liked the way the bath felt but feared I would want a change by the time the baby came. I was gearing up for a long labor given her observation of the baby still being high.

After 3 contractions in the bath (that’s a little over 15min being at the Birth Center) I started into “Transition.”

My chipper attitude went sour and I did NOT like my situation any longer.

“OH SUCK!” I said out loud. (really was thinking a different word, but I’ve never let that word escape my lips so I used it’s back up. )

The next thing I knew the contractions were on top of each other. I just wanted a moment to breath between them but they kept coming.

By now I realized there was NO WAY i was going to stand up and get out of the bath.

I was there to stay.

With each contraction not a word could be spoken in the room. One nurse tried offering encouragement and I shut her down. “SHHH!” I demanded feeling a tiny bit guilty... but then not really.

Nothing could be touching me! The tap was running to add more heat and I quickly snapped that it be turned off.

All my thoughts and energy had to go into my body. I held my body up with my hands under by bottom to keep me afloat.
It seemed as if my body were absorbing more pain if it was touching something. Being in the bath was the perfect spot for me.

My eyes were closed the entire time and you can believe half the time I was praying for help.

I wanted to crawl out of my body. UNCOMFORTABLE is the best word to describe what I was feeling. Squirm is what I wanted to do but there isn’t a lot of room to do that in a bath.

“OH SUCK!!” I yelled again. “My water really broke......OH CRAP THIS HURTS!” I yelled.
The Mid-wife, Nurse and Sam gathered around (Well, I think they did. My eyes were still closed. I could feel them all near.)

Then I begged for some water. I was SOOOOOOO thirsty suddenly. I couldn’t even drink it though because the contractions didn’t stop long enough for me to sip it.

“OUCH.....OUCH......OUCH THIS HURTS!” I’m announcing to the world. For some reason it made me feel better to yell how I felt. It had to be known that I was in pain. Just dealing with it wasn’t enough. I had to yell, and I did till it was over.

“I have to push!” I said in almost a question.

“Then push.” came the sweet calm reply from my Mid-wife.

At this point I realized I was in charge of this birth.

“Do what your body needs to do.” She encouraged me while sitting at the edge of the bath.

This is where my birthing story begins. My body took over and I felt it bear down and push without me doing it. Once I felt it do this I was quiet for a moment. I couldn’t believe what just happened. My Body knew what to do and it did it. I just had to trust that it could. I put forth some renewed effort a few more times then heard the Mid-Wife say: “Look at all that hair Sam. I can see the head- look at all that hair!”
She then encouraged me to reach down and touch the head but I refused. I couldn’t break my concentration. A few more pushes and then I experienced what they lovingly termed “THE RING OF FIRE!!”
I won’t go into detail. THE RING OF FIRE just about sums it up nicely.
The only good thing about the RING OF FIRE is that it is at the very end but it defiantly lasts LONG enough.

After a few more pushes and my demand to PULL IT OUT!!!!!

A little baby was placed on my belly.

Instantly the pain was gone and it wasn’t about ME anymore. A little human had just entered into the world.
I held the baby while the Mid-wife covered us in warm towels.

The baby seemed so small. I rubbed it, encouraging it to breath or cry. It seemed like a long time without a response.

“Don’t worry,” my mid-wife said. “It’s still connected to your umbilical cord- it has time.”

This baby I was holding was perfect. It lay on me as if it were asleep. It’s eyes were closed resting peacefully unbothered by the journey it just made.
Nothing moved. Calm as ever....

After sucking out the nose and mouth I literally saw life fill my child with it’s first breath. I watched my baby come to life. Now, it was awake and screaming.
I was enamored by what just took place. I had never experienced anything like this with my other 3 births.

Sam was by my side as they continued to place warm towels on us. For a few minuets the gender of the baby never crossed my mind. All I cared about was keeping it warm and loving it.

It wasn’t until the Mid-wife caught view of it’s gender that the subject came up.

“Oops, I saw what it is!” She confessed to us. “Sam come over here and see what you have.”
Sam took a peek and gleefully proclaimed we had a GIRL!

Just as I had imagined!

We climbed out of the bath and made our way into the bedroom. At that moment, only a few minuets after giving birth, I felt so normal! Not an ounce of discomfort. The following two days this continued. It wasn’t until the third day my stomach muscles were sore and I began to feel my body slow down.

After the Mid-wife and nurse checked both of us over we were left to ourselves.

The Birthing Center requires a patient stay a minimum of 3 hours before leaving, and given the time of birth was 2:57am the three of us cuddled up for a little nap before returning home.

Of course, I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t take my eyes off our new girl.
She had a head of dark hair, long beautiful fingers, Sam’s nose, the perfect dimples and a rooting mouth! She was searching for something to to suck the moment she arrived!

By 8am I felt I had been patient enough and woke Sam. I wanted to be back home in my own bed. Let’s go home!

We gathered our things, notified the Nurse that we were leaving, signed a few papers and walked out the door.

I was so happy on the way home. I felt we were 100% in control of this delivery. I didn’t have Dr. or Nurses imposing on our experience.

It was Private and beautiful. Just how I Imagined it to be.

I called the kids and told them we were on our way home. They begged me to tell them what it was. We decided they could wait another 20 min. to see for themselves.

When we pulled into the driveway all three of them were outside on the lawn jumping up and down, chasing us to till we stopped.
They were herded into the Living room and we brought the baby seat covered with a blanket and set it in the middle of the room.

“What is it?” “What is it?” They were all beside themselves.

One last time we had each of them guess the gender. All three of them cheered GIRL, GIRL, GIRL.

All eyes were on the blanket ready to reveal their new sister when a little hand poked out from under it, as if to say Hello.

“It’s a GIRL!” we declared removing the blanket.

There sat a tiny BRAND new baby girl, Abigail Ember Hobi born on Easter morning....Just as I had Imagined
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