Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today is the last day of February. I like to think that when tomorrow arrives winter is, for the most part, behind me.

March holds a lot of promise for me.

March brings a new rental contract to sign (or not......more on that later).

March brings me very close to my due date.

March brings a lot of rain, which will be necessary to melt the huge “snow mountain” piled on our grass circle.

March brings change. I need change. I thrive on change.

Bring on the change!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Reality Check

Wednesday morning I woke up to rain....

Wednesday Night passed with rain....

Thursday morning I awoke to rain.

I decided I had to leave the house anyway.

Jace put on his green rain boots, I packed the umbrella and out we went.

Our first stop was Kohl's to do some Christmas returns. (I'm a hermit)

Upon entering the store I smiled. This was the ray of sunshine I needed.

Spring was hanging everywhere.

Bright colors, T-shirts, shorts, and flowers!!!

I came to the right place!

Immediatly I began to feel better. I could, for the next hour, forget about the wet world outside.

I had to bring some of the sunshine home with me so I purchased this:

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and these:

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I felt happy.

Then we stepped into the rain again and drove to Costco and had pizza for lunch.

It rained the rest of the day, but inside my house I propped the pillow and dreamed of the day I get to wear my shoes.

Today I woke up to this:

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And there is no sign of it stopping.

School is cancelled- along with my daydream of Spring.

One more dump?




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Photo of the Week

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This week I went with angles.
With strict orders from husband, Landlord and Dr. to stay inside today I decided to take my picture from the window. (I'm not sure that was any safer than being out in the snow.)
This photo was taken out my kitchen window of the stairs leading to our terrace.
I like the perspective it offers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Blues meets a Crush

I’m not sure I can handle cold days and gray skies much longer. Each February I run out of “winter endurance” and start coveting people who live in warmer climates than me.

Last Sunday, although it was cold, seemed to have a hint a Spring in the air. I was uplifted by it too.
“Is it just me?” I asked Sam. “Can you feel something different in the air?”
He admitted to a fresh new “something” also.

I know better though. I know that even though my family back in Utah and California are beginning to see Spring, that I still have a few more winter storms and lots of rain before the sun is out to stay.

April is the month we thaw out. That’s at least 6 weeks away!

I’m not new to this game. It’s the same every year but I get depressed right about NOW! Actually, I’m impressed I made it to the end of February.

Right now I need a DISTRACTION.
I need something to keep my mind off the rain and snow outside.
I need something to keep my mind off the exact amount of days till I “might” go into Labor.

I need the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I sat around and did nothing. After explaining to Jace that he wasn’t going to watch a movie, because Mom didn’t need a nap, I found myself snorting in the recliner as I dozed off into the dark abyss of a pregnancy nap.

Where did that come from?

I could have done some laundry or went grocery shopping but NOPE, desire.
I left the house only to pick up the kids from school. Jace almost talked me into leaving them there. He thought that would be alright.
I managed to put on a happy face for the new shift I was about to work.

Luckily, the kids were in good spirits after school. Jarom and I talked for almost an hour about ALL the girls that have a “Crush” on him. It was so cute how confident he is about their fondness toward him.

“So, which girl do you have a crush on?” I wondered. “Is it one that has a crush on you?”

Suddenly his eyes shot me a look. At first it was uncertain but quickly turned to amusement.

Now we were playing a new game.
I’ll call it the 2nd grade crush game.

To play: The 2nd grader needs to be questioned about a possible crush. Once that is in place the 2nd grader will deny but encourage any accusing questions to keep the focus on him and the subject.

Oh, it was so cute to see him with a smirk on his face as he squirmed and fidgeted but desperately enjoyed letting me in on his secret.

A Crush. That’s sure to cure the Winter Blues.

Oh, to be a school kid again.

This is Jarom showing me a heart (?) with his hands.

Monday, February 22, 2010

photo of the Week

There isn't anything Fancy about this picture except this blob of snow on the electrical box is shaped as a HEART!!
I spotted this in my car stopped at a red light, and I happened to have my camera!
When I drove by a few min. later it was gone.
Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

I'll accept it as a gift of Love from Heaven!

Cake Walk

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Saturday Sam and Jarom created a Book of Mormon cake for the Scouts Cake Walk. They did a great job with it! I was quite impressed!
The following day at church Jace went to the bathroom during Sacrament Meeting. The moment he returned to our pew he exclaimed,

"Mommy!! My poopies were GREEN!!"

Proof he ate too much BLUE frosting!

i love you day

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Happy I Love You Day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Element of Surprise!

I Love a good surprise!

If I can turn a common experience into a surprise, I will.

Why not add a little drama to life?

I love to give simple things to my kids in dramatic ways.

Recently for Family Night, Sam and I decided to watch a certain movie with our kids. A Movie they have been dying to watch.

I eagerly awaited as Sam began to divulge our movie selection.

We both knew they would go ballistic over our choice, but as he began to lure them in I realized not everyone has the “Element of Surprise Ability.”

A moment where complete elation can take place should not be introduce with dry, complicated divolgment!

Even I was a little confused at his approach, and felt the air was completely let out of the balloon on this one!

The kids had no idea what he was talking about till he got to the punch line. At last they jumped, hugged, and cheered as we expected. But, I feel, the thrill could have been so much more!

I sat dumbfounded at his approach and came to the conclusion that some people have “it” and others (Sam) completely miss the mark.

I evaluated the Hobi Family on this “talent” and concluded Jarom and Jace have it and Jennica & Sam do not.

I can’t remember a birthday when Sam gave me a gift on my actual birthday. He gets too excited and ALWAYS gives me the gift early.

Jennica must feel that being the “announcer” makes her apart of the giving. If she even gets wind of a surprise she announces it to the recipient right away.

I can’t count the times she has ruined a surprise with a simple comment like:
“Mom, when are you going to give Jarom the you know what....”
To her, that is not giving away a surprise!

My favorite is a Birthday. My children wake up each birthday with a SURPRISE!!!
I never let them know what the theme for their birthday is. They wake up to the house decorated (in a theme) in their honor and gifts on the table.
It’s been a fun tradition. We all look forward to a birthday because the house is transformed.

Singing Happy Birthday and giving gifts isn’t cutting it for me. They have to be “WOWed“ especially on their birthday.

Kid napping them to go to New York City on a school day was so fun because of the Surprise way we did it.

A Surprise Magical Vacation to California
, announced the morning of departure, sure beat the constant nagging of impatient kids and cured the ”Are we
there yet?“ inquiry’s.

Freaky Friday’s during October and I love you Days in February keep the magic going in our house.

So, I ask you, is it any wonder why we are holding off on knowing the gender of our new baby arriving soon?
It has been so fun to guess and wonder what ”flavor“ is growing inside of my belly.
This is a conversation, we as a family, don’t tire of because it is so mysterious!

It’s gender could have already been old news and left to get excited about once again after the birth, but just because we don’t know, we are still excited about the possibilities. It’s arrival is going to be that much more exciting for all!

”What are you having?” I’m being asked.

My reply, “It’s a Surprise!”

This is one of the best surprises yet!
6 weeks to go!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo of the week

I love snow as long as a blue sky and bright sun come with it!

It's beautiful today!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Like Me??

Today is dress like your parents day at school. Earlier in the week Jen and I joked about how we could make her look like me.
Some idea’s were putting a pillow in her belly, wearing one of my shirts, or carrying a doll with her.

As the week wore on I forgot about it. This morning I caught a glimpse of her walking down the hall and I cringed when I saw what she was wearing.

“Hey Jen, let’s go find a shirt that goes with that dress.” I suggested. “And maybe you should wear your black boots instead.”
I wondered if kids her age tease about what shoes they wear. I figured IF they did, today might be the day she gets a turn.

She stomped her little foot and said, “But Mom! It’s dress like your parents day!”

I was stumped! Was she suggesting I DRESS LIKE THAT??!

I just looked at her....she just looked at me.....

She shrugged her shoulders as if to say this was the best she could do and turned and walked away.

This is strange, I thought to myself.

I went to Sam to share my concern.

“Sam, today is dress like your parents day today...”

“Yeah, Jarom is wearing torn jeans and a sweater!”

“Never mind Jarom, he wasn’t dressing up. Did you see Jen?”

“Is she wearing her pajamas?” He guessed with a smile.

“Is she wearing her pajamas?!” I laughed. Clearly I wear mine way too often around here.
(I think if she were wearing her pajamas it would closer to the truth...I hope)

“No, she’s not wearing her pajamas. You need to see this.”

We peeked out the window to see her playing in the ice outside.

“The part that kills me is she is wearing tennis shoes and socks with her dress!“ I commented. ”She looks like a polygamist! Maybe her teachers will think she is dressing like your 2nd wife.“ I joked.

”Very Timely.“ He laughed. ”This month’s National Geographic front cover is on Polygamy in America.“ he reminded me.

”I tried to get her to change the shoes.....“ I offered as some sort of justification, as I watched her outside.

”She said she was dressing like me.“ I said sadly as I watched my terribly miss-matched girl leave for school.

She will get teased today- and she’s dressing like me!

I do know she is smart enough she can pull off the excuse that she is in costume!

Mothers are always teaching...even when we’re not talking! I have some things to work on apparently.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pan vs. bandit

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After school my house transforms into a battle zone.

Swords, daggers, lightsabers and even hangers are flying around.

Today it was Pan vs. Bandit.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To do...or NOT

School was delayed for 90 min. this morning because of snowy roads.
It’s a good feeling to crawl back into bed.
I enjoyed a long breakfast with the kids. (eggs, spinach, toast, & oranges)

Jace didn’t like that the others were hanging around all morning. He likes our morning routine ALONE.

After breakfast he picks up his room, makes his bed, dresses himself, then gets to play if he passes inspection.
While he’s engaged with his chores I get a moment to get my scripture study in and clean up breakfast.

Recently I have started Hooked on Phonics with Jace. I have used it to teach my other kids to read and really like it .
Jarom and Jen both entered Kindergarten reading and I am determined to get Jace there too.

I feel my time is running out- I want him reading before the baby comes. We made progress today.
It’s so fun to see him catch on to it.

He has been begging me to teach him to read. It bothers him that he can’t read at scripture time or during quiet time. More than once he has come to me frustrated saying, “Mom, teach me to read!”
And of Course he thinks it’s NOT fair that Jarom gets to read in bed at night!

Today he was Peter Pan. (again) I’m saving on laundry thanks to this costume. I bet he wears it 4 days out of the week.

Yesterday I completed my Photo class assignments and tests from New York Institute of Photography. Ahhh, it feels so good to have that done.
Now I wait to get my grades and see if I passed! I had three years to complete the Course and I think this month I hit the 2 year mark.
(this baby is pushing me to get all sorts of things accomplished)
I’m glad I did the Course. It was a lot of fun doing the assignments. I love the books they sent me and feel I learned a lot.
I am very curious to see what feed back I’ll get on my photos.

I still have a few more things I want to get done before the baby. I am in the “Nesting” zone.
2 more junk drawers
about 3 more hours in the attic organizing (I’m waiting for a semi-warm’s freezing up there!)
wash ALL the walls!
re-cover the cushions on my dining room chairs (ugh! that one hurts my brain. how do I do it?)
Slurp 2009 blog into a book
Redo 2008 blog book (made it in the wrong size)

So, anyone interested in a few day projects?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo of the week

This week I went with capturing motion but keeping the subject in focus.
(straight out of the camera shot)

Jennica's I love you Day

February 1, 2010 8:51 PM

Because Sam and I feel Valentines Day is an Adult celebration, a few years ago we decided to create our own Special celebration in an age appropriate way for our kids. We share an I Love you Day with each child during the month of February.

Today was Jennica’s I Love You Day.

As tradition goes they never know when their day is going to arrive. It’s always a surprise when they get home from school.

While Jen was at school today Jace and I put it together.

Jace kept singing “Jen’s lucky day, Jen’s lucky day!” as he plastered her closet door with hearts.

I stuck hearts all over her walls and left her little gifts, crafts, and a treat.
It is as simple as decorating her room and she feels so important for the day.

We all wrote a little note on a HUGE card telling her we loved her.

She LOVED it!

This is a tradition they ask about often. Even Jace asks when we celebrate I Love You Day.

I find it rather annoying that kids pass around love notes at school.

Come on! Do Kindergartners really understand what it means to be someone’s Valentine?
Do they need to understand that at age 5?
Why do I need to explain to my child what another CHILD is implying by the words Be Mine or Wild Thing? This is NOT kid stuff!

I think it would be better if the valentine cards were more tailored to friendship. The comments or suggestions from a Valentine card DO NOT need to be introduced in grade school!!!

It’s a LOVE issue I feel doesn’t need to be celebrated at such a young age with schoolmates.

Yes, I remember my years in Elementary School getting Valentine’s. The fun part was getting CANDY and decorating your box for mail. Now days you don’t pass out candy or even create a box. I wonder why the teacher’s tolerate it.

I am a fan of Valentines Day. It’s a day Sam and I celebrate but it has nothing to do with the kids.

I Love You Day allows the family to focus on an Individual for a day.

That’s true love!

Things I LOVE about Jen:

She will give up anything to give to someone who is suffering.
She loves to surprise me with acts of kindness.
She loves to kiss and cuddle Everything!
She loves to share.
She makes sure her room is PERFECTLY clean before going to school.
She gets the mail for me everyday.
Every picture she draws is about family or says I Love you on it.