Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It finally arrived!

The beginnings of my sweet smelling lilac tree!

Today Spring showed up! It was welcomed with gratitude, that’s for sure!
For the first time in MONTHS I felt great!

Warm weather and sunshine really go a long way with me.

I think it’s safe to officially declare my hibernation days are over.

I’ve already packed up the coats, sweaters, boots and pants, (that still don’t fit).

Good Riddance!!

I HAD to celebrate with you know what.....PIZZA!
We had a pizza picnic, played soccer,freeze tag, golf, and rode bikes.

Ahhhh.....my life has returned! I love Spring.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Night full of Music

Last night Sam treated me to a night to remember.
I put on my diamonds and high heels and we drove to the City.

Who knew that the boy next door would take me so many places in life?

As we drove into Manhattan, I realized how lucky we are to have NYC at our finger tips.
Sam has taken me away from my small town life and is showing me the World.

My heart was full as I sat next to him an enjoyed the NYC Philharmonic Symphony. I loved every moment of it!
After the concert we dined at a French Restaurant, Jean-Georges. It was a perfect!

It's moments like these that make living on the East Coast worth it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 1: The FRUITS

I’ve decided to break up with the Pizza guy! He is no longer welcome in our neighborhood! (Yes, we are the only ones that have pizza delivered in our neighborhood! This could be because the Pizza Restaurant is practically across the street. Further proof of how pathetic we are. )

My body is so messed up right now. My appetites are out of control. I crave sweets, I am tried all day and don’t
eat great meals.

Since my pants don’t fit me, and I will be on a beach soon, (too soon) I talked Sam into doing a Cleanse with me.

I call it a Fruit and Veggie diet. Sam calls it the Word of Wisdom diet.

For seven days basically ALL we will eat is fruits and vegetables. This will clear our bodies of impurities and stop the sugar cravings and then I’ll be on my way to better, healthy eating.

I like this because I’m not starving myself.

Today I can eat all day long as long as it is a fruit, except bananas. And I can eat all the veggie soup I can handle. The more you eat the better.
This is the soup. Pretty tasty.

Today is Day 1.

Exercise: Killer Butt DVD
Breakfast: 1/2 Cantaloupe
lunch: 1/2 grapefruit ( I couldn't’t down the whole thing)
         1 cup vegetable soup (tasty with seasonings)
         1 cup water
                I feel full

Snack: Handful of grapes (Not my favorite fruit)
         frozen blueberries (yum!!)

I’ve been eyeing the freshly baked bread roll Jace made at pre-school and has no desire to eat! It looks so yummy.
I went through the cupboards and tossed the chips, girl scout cookies, kettle corn popcorn, Costco sized Trail Mix and HUGE bag of M&M’s.

After school snack: I put out a plate of cut up red peppers, grapes, carrots, hummus, and kiwi. The kids ate it ALL with no complaints. If only I knew it was so easy.

Pre-dinner:        2 cups of vegetable soup.

I felt great this afternoon. Great energy.
I worked up an appetite reading a Junie B. Jones book to the kids and by the time I was finished I was exhausted! (I get pretty animated..)

The soup was a welcome treat.
I have to pee a lot.

Dinner        1/2 cantaloupe
                 1/2 kiwi
                 1 cup water
I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t eat the soup.

I have a head ache tonight. (Is this my carb with-drawl?)
My patience is thin. Good thing the kids are already in bed.

Sam and I had to make some more vegetable soup tonight to get us through tomorrow. He ate a lot more than I did.

Tomorrow is all Vegetables! I can't wait to dig into the broccoli. (Really)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today I had a lot of things on my mind. Such as;

Why has this stack of bottled water been in the corner for 3 weeks?

It’s sad that I’ve mentaly accepted it as a piece of furnature.

When are we going to adopt the pizza guy into our family? He visits us frequently enough to call him family.
Why, oh Why, do I love pizza so much? I have a serious problem. I ate pizza 3 times last week!

Why did this neglected hallway suddenly become a putting range once I tried to vacuum?

How did ALL my jeans shrink!? What are the chances of every single pair of jeans NOT fitting me today?
Did someone say Pizza.......
I have gained weight and I don’t have a new baby or even pregnancy to blame it on. I even sent Sam into my closet to find something for me to wear out tonight. He too, stood dumbfounded at my misfortune. How does a considerable amount of weight suddenly sneak up on one?

  • Pizza

  • Gym membership expired.

  • Pizza

  • Pizza

  • always wearing cozy pajama pants

  • Pizza

  • Winter

  • Pizza

  • Lazy

  • Pizza

  • The good news is I bought a home workout DVD! It’s called Killer Butt! I better get to work.
    Is it Spring yet?