Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


My new baby was past due for a feeding.  I considered myself lucky that she was still sleeping and busied myself about the house trying to pick up as much as I could before she would monopolize my arms again.
All the while inside I was uneasy.
I went to the bottom of the stairs and listened for a cry.
I continued to clean but still felt uneasy.
I decided I would go wake her.

When I got to the top of the stairs tears filled my eyes when I heard her faint cry.
She had been crying for me.
I rushed into the room to find she had worked her way under the comforter I pulled back to avoid this very scenario. 
She was just far enough under no matter how she turned her head she coudn’t escape it.

I was so angry at myself.  I was so angry I wasn’t there when she needed me.
I didn’t hear her cry from the stairs  because her cry was muffled.

I picked her up and cried with her, wondering how long she had been in distress.

I never want to feel that feeling again.

Today my baby is almost two years old. 
Today, I just realized the result of this event is showing up in her life.

I spent two hours on the phone Friday with my Homeopathy Doctor discussing Jennica’s health. 

To better understand what remedies would work for Jen she asked me tons of questions about her life.  
Things like:
What kind of baby was she?  How were her sleeping habits, was she grumpy as a child?  Does she make friends easily?
What does she dream about? What does she like to do in her spare time?  Does she like to be held or does she prefer her space?

Curious, I asked her why these answers matter.  She explained understanding a childhood could uncover situations that may have caused stress that show up in your body or behavior later.
We picked through Jennica’s life searching for something that would give insight to her weight gain.

It wasn’t until this afternoon I made a connection to Abi.

To this day she hates having her shirts pulled over her head.  She whimpers when it’s time to put her head through the shirt.  I never understood why.
Today it all made sense.  It was the blanket she was stuck under as a 2 month old.

Knowing this doesn’t make her fear go away but it does give me more understanding.
It’s my responsibility as her parent to work with her to overcome this fear.  I am so sad I had part in creating this fear but thankful the Lord showed it to me today.

She was easy.  I didn’t have to go too far back to find this issue.  The hard part is figuring out YEARS of mistakes made on the other kids.

I’m reminded at how delicate little children are.  One bad day from me could show up on them down the road.  
Being a parent is tough work!
I wish I had this insight 4 kids ago!  I’d count to 10 more often and give more hugs!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know this letter is a bit unconventional, but I have an urgent matter to discuss with you.
 My kitchen is requiring way too much of my time!
As you know, I am a mother of 4 growing kids.  My life is too short to be living in the kitchen!

If I spent the required time it takes to keep my kitchen clean I’m afraid I would miss out on all the cute songs my baby sings, the practices at the piano, and the sports my boys participate in.

I’ve put some thought into the situation and have decided all I REALLY want for the rest of my life is a Kitchen Fairy.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “HOT ITEM”, in fact I’ve never heard of anyone having one so the supplies won’t be in high demand.

I’m willing to forfeit the Tooth Fairy (she’s been great by the way.) the Easter Bunny (He never shows up) and the Hobi Hobbit ( the kids will kill me!) 

I’m pretty sure IF I had the Kitchen Fairy I would be the best girl EVER.

My husband would love it because I would actually paint my nails like the other women who don’t do dishes, and he wouldn’t trip over the dishwasher door that is left open more times than not.

My Kids would love it because I would be more loving from sun up to sun down.  I wouldn’t have the mess staring at me all day long, and I wouldn't get so annoyed when it was time to eat.  

I can handle the rest of the house, for now.  I’ll ask the MR. for the Housekeeper when baby #5 comes around.

The make and model can be up to you...just don’t make me look bad.

You’re the BEST!

PS: Shipping and Handling is FREE if delivered tomorrow!
Oh, and one more thing...My Mom fits the description of a "Kitchen Fairy" I tested her out last summer and she was wonderful.  Either send her to me or send her a man.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Last day

I enjoyed my week of "Staycation"  
I think the kids enjoyed it too.  The weather here has been fantastic!
They've been riding bikes, playing football, and blowing bubbles
outside like it was Spring.

Jace asked if he could play water games outside-it wasn't that warm, but the air obviously felt different to him.

Jennica has mastered the Hula-Hoop!  She can even do it while looking bored!

  Abi has become addicted to frozen Strawberries pulls on you till you follow her into the kitchen then she bats her pretty eyes and signs "More Strawberries please"
I have red handprints all over my walls. 
NEW RULE: Abi only gets strawberries while sitting in her highchair!

Jace has been pretending to be Wonka, hiding golden tickets around the house. 
(No candy to be found though)
He put on the Dr. Seuss Hat and carried a skii pole for a cane.
(Missed that photo opportunity)
Sam took over in the kitchen this weekend.  I love that my Man can cook!

I found Abi sitting alone at the table snacking on cheese while she waited for dinner to be ready.

Today is Presidents Day.  This means no school and no work.  All the Hobi’s were at home.
Sam and Jarom spent most the afternoon playing basketball, Jennica and Jace played out in the yard, Abi took a nap all afternoon and I cleaned all day.

I took another shot at the jump rope workout and liked it a lot better today. (No accidents! ha!) With the right music I think jumping is a good workout.  Instead of 1 song I went through 3 and then did some lunges.
I feel so much better when I exercise!  It got me moving the rest of the day.

For Family Home Evening we played a new game called What’s Yours Like?

We had a good time.  I ended as the CHAMPION this round!  It’s a fun game for bigger kids.  Our youngest is 6 and only needed a little help.

 Root beer Floats for dessert!  Jarom's favorite.
  Tomorrow better be kind to me.  I'm out of practice with schedules.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm getting old ~ Part One

One day you will wake up and realize you’re not young anymore.  I can’t imagine this transition of aging is something that will knock you over one day, but I do think it will sneak up on you.

As a “young adult” old age was obvious.  I could see it in the hair line, the body and the face.  As I get older that fine line is a bit hazy.

I am afraid I am getting old.

I’m not giving up on my youth all together!  I am only 33 years old, and I’m afraid that puts me smack in the middle of Young and Old!  

I still feel young but my body is reminding me that I’m leaning closer to OLDER.  (or maybe I’m just out of shape?)

I woke up one morning and caught a glimps of my reflection in the mirror.  
I looked old.
I corrected the reflection by putting on my tight jeans, make up and taking a straightner to my hair.
Ahhh...youth restored.

I like that I am the “Young Mom” in all of my kids classes. 
  I’m ok with that.  
Jarom likes to bring up parents ages to his friends.
  He get’s a kick out of learning his friends have parents in their 50’s.  

I’m starting to see the benefits of being older too.  
WISDOM is at the top of the list.  I’m looking forward to MORE of it.

When I was young I remember my mom and her sisters laughing so hard one of them would pee their pants.  I was shocked to learn of this!
When I got a little older I learned “Mothers” couldn’t jump on a trampoline any longer because they would pee their pants!!
I witnessed my Mom giving the trampoline a shot and you can bet I watched carefully to see if she would loose control of her bladder.  
She didn’t!  
BUT she bounced in a goofy way, with her arms out and stiff knees as if she was afraid to give her weight to each bounce.

Each of these were examples of AGEING, to me.  In my mind, I assumed I would be OLD when things like that happened to me.

Well...the proof is in the pudding!  I am OLD!!

Yesterday, I decided to step it up a notch and start jump roping again. 
My goal is to jump rope the entire duration of 1 song.  I picked this workout. but only did this song 

As I started jumping AGE slapped me right in the face!!
I was totally thrown off!  I couldn’t believe what just happened....
I almost peed my pants!
  I tried to ignore it but I had NO control what so ever!!
It just happened!  
I froze for a minuet weighing out my options.
If I keep jumping will I REALLY pee my pants?
Jennica was jumping with me too.  She stopped because I stopped.  
"Keep going" I urged her.  

The deal was we would jump till the song was over.  
She saw this as "Mom being a slacker" because it turned out harder than it sounded.
I began jumping again, lifting my feet as lightly as I could.  
Eventually I was able to jump with more confidence, but the entire time I was begging the song to get over.

What’s wrong with me?  
How did this happen?  
I’m only 33 years old!!!
I'm an athlete! 
Then I remembered....I’ve had 4 kids!
I'll never be the same.
my mom had 7 kids and she makes OLD look GREAT!
I hope I'm a Hot Grandma like her!
(ps- she is single... 
Contact me for more information!)

Life's like a Jump Rope...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Break

This week the kids have been out of school for Winter Break.  Winter still hasn’t shown up but we like the break nonetheless.

Like always, we are doing a “Stay”cation.  
I LOVE being at home with no where to go!!!
I’m taking a break from all my duties around here too.  Our days have been filled with NOTHING!

it feels so good!

Jarom goes to basketball camp every morning.  He is turning into an awesome baller.
(He's also a Trend Setter.)

Jennica makes breakfast ALL by herself for the whole family!  (I’m loving this skill she’s developing)


Jace has listened to his favorite audio books 
The Witches

and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

and then watched both the movies.

I’ve been reliving the past as I’ve backed up journals and photos on the hard drive.
I backed up 15,000 pictures (Not kidding) from my computer and then condensed it to 3,000.

My computer is YOUNG again now that I freed up space.

Just to make it feel like a vacation, we've let 3 older kids sleep together at night.
They are so bad a sleepovers!

Monday night they decided they wanted to sleep in the basement...
They all ended up in their own beds by morning.

Tuesday night they decided to sleep in the living room on the pull out couch...
They fought forever (over spots) before falling asleep.

Wednesday night they tried the basement again...
all 3 were upstairs by 4am.

Tonight they are, once again, on the couch...
I can still hear them giggling, farting, and fighting. 

It's just one big party all night long!

Sam is in Canada for business today.  His flight just landed.  
I bet he'll walk into a house of rowdy kids and a 
wife snoozing upstairs.
(dishes and laundry NOT even close to being done, of course!!)
Having all 4 kids home doing nothing take a lot out of me. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BAD hair days

I’ve been known to have a bad hair day.
Jennica is the first to let me know.
 Sadly, today trumphs them all.

I called up my hair stylist begging for her help.
One day I woke up and my hair was all wrong!

My right side seemed way longer than the left.
Just to be sure I wasn’t loosing my mind I checked with Sam.

Sure enough, it was way longer!

I don’t remember it being that way the last time I had my hair done. (3 months ago)
How does something like this just happen?

My stylist took one look at my hair and told me I fried it with my hair dryer!



  I never saw a GLOP of hair fall to the floor or smelled it burning.  I just looked at my hair one day and it was GONE!

So, my LONG locks were chopped off today!  I lost about 4 inches to even it up.  
What a bummer.  

The good news is she covered up my GREY that sneaks out around my temples.

Last week I had a different bad hair day caught on camera
 I stopped into a local Rite Aide to have my Visa Pictures taken.
It wasn't planned,
 I just happened to see the sign on the window while I was buying piano books from the store next door.
My kids need Visa pictures too (along with Passport pictures that I took) so I figured RIGHT THEN was the best time to get it done. 
 Jace and Jennica were with me so we ran inside.
I realized this was a bad idea when the camera was pointing in my face.
AHHH!  My hair!
"DON'T smile" the woman warned me.  "You can't smile in these pictures!"
That comment alone gets you thinking about being a criminal.
I stood there staring blankly at her totally unaware that my hair was doing the

I have guilty written ALL over me, don't I? 
(or is that brown guck? why is my face that color?)
I'm not sure a smile would make this picture any better.
All I need is my inmate number.
It only gets better...
These are my kids with their WORST hair day ever!

 someone call Family Services!

This is sad.  
I'll take a better look at all of us the next time we go out in public.
I promise we don't always look this way.
These are the pictures that will be attached to our Indian Visas.
We just might not get accepted...

On a LOVING note:
Grandma and Grandpa Christiansen send us these every Valentines Day

I LOVE these! 
I helped eat them.
It made me feel better about my hair.
THANK YOU Wes and Kathy!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"MY" Toy Story...

~I wrote this in 2010 but I still feel the same~

We have too many toys!

The delimia:  My kids don’t play with toys, they play with THINGS.
Hangers are bow and arrows, belts are dog leashes, boxes are trains.etc.
They create things to play with.  
They use their brains to entertain themselves.

I am THINKING about getting rid of them.(the toys not the kids)

I have been thinking about this for a while but the truth is I DON’T DARE!

Going through a move is helpful in getting rid of junk.  You realize you have been keeping stuff for no reason at all.
It’s easier to toss it than pack and unpack it.

Well. unfortunately most the toys made the first cut during the move.

Our new basement proved to be a wonderful home to the unjustly amount of toys unloaded there.
I was excited to have a room dedicated to the kids enjoyment.  We have never had that!
Previously, our toys were stored in the attic and came down into their rooms on a rotation process when I felt like a swap was needed.
So to have a space where everything could fit at once I was really excited!

After the move It took me several weeks to gear up the desire and energy to go down there and organize the chaos.

The kids didn’t play down there because it was a mess.  Nothing had a place.
Finally the chore was done and I was please with the result.

The first time Sam walked into the room his comment was,
“We have too many toys!”

That made me MAD!

You see, I didn’t see all the toys, I saw memories of my little ones.

I saw the phases they went through with the castle, the doll house the horses and cars.
 I was excited that they could all be played with in the same room!  This was exciting to ME!

For him to suggest we needed to get rid of toys I felt sad!

A few months passed and every so often I peeked into the Playroom on my way to the laundry room.
I always saw one of two things.
  1. it was still clean
  2. it was still messy

Nothing changed much in there.  Most the time the toys stayed picked up, which tells me they aren’t being played with.
The times it was still a mess was from the ONE time the drawer was dumped out for whatever reason and the mess just stayed there.
Again, nothing being played with.
 I’m itching to simplify my life.  I figure if I have less stuff I’ll have less to keep clean.
It’s sort of like plucking eyebrows.  It’s torture to get started but once you get going you wonder how you’ve managed to get so out of control.

I went through my closet and drawers.  The only things left are things I DO use.  No more of the “I think I might ...”
It was liberating.  My closet is bare but what I wear is hanging-nothing more.

So, this desire has carried over to the playroom.

I think I am ready to give away the childhood memories.
Not MINE, mind you, but my kids.
I don’t want to give these toys away because they represent the childhood years of my three little kids.  They remind me of life we lived day after day stumbling over them, stuffing them away, or searching desperately for them when misplaced.
They were my life just as much as they were my kids.

Getting rid of them is accepting that those days are over.  That’s what makes me so sad.

As I sat through Toy Story 3 it came to me.  I was like Andy.   Emotionally tied to a box full of toys. (basement in my case) 

My kids are still kids but books, sports, and piano fill their spare time.  I need to pack up the toys and keep the memories.

I instructed them all to go in the playroom and pick out their favorite toys to keep and then help me pack up the rest to give away.

I expected a little push back but got NOTHING.

They didn’t even care!

I think they each came away with 1 toy to keep!!!


I cleared off all the shelves dumped all drawers and emptied all bins of toys with their help.

They don’t even care!

Don’t get me started on stuffed animals.....