Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mommy Magic Tricks!

Marry Poppins holds the Title of "Mommy Magic" but if your having a hard time locating one of those handbags that seem to consist of EVERYTHING perhaps you should try your hand at "Mommy Magic."
I had a friend email me today and ask if one of my "tricks" really worked with the kids.
She was referring to a post I wrote titled, I Quit! That post was a long time ago and I'm happy to announce my "trick" still works!
Then I realized I have a few "Tricks" I'd like to report on.

#1. I Quit!
Each child still is accountable for their colored dish. .
After my kids eat they take their dish to the sink. (Even my 3 year old clears his spot)
I even went as far to clean out my dish cupboard and removed extra (adult size) bowls and cups. I have enough to get us through a day. If I forget to run the dishwasher I'm up a creek! I LOVE only having what I use and using what I have!
At the end of the day I find a stash of cups (yellow, blue, and pink) lined up next to the fridge where they access water. That's where they go to get their ONE cup.

#2 NO Visitors!
I still haven't had a moments peace in the bathroom. Seriously! I have to laugh EVERY TIME otherwise I'd cry.
I've noticed a few of my friends kids have this same "special" power when they are at my house. What is it??
Do kids think we're going to climb out the window??

#3 Not A Peep!
This one is a KEEPER! Bedtime is WONDERFUL!!! Jarom is now keeping track of how many days straight he has stayed in bed. He is on 37 today!!! He was the one coming out several times a night to go to the bathroom!

Jennica was HARD to get to bed. one of her many issues was "playing" with the door open. Now she still wants the door open but I tell her,
"Open door means no Fish, you decide." ... The door stays closed. She'll test us on day 6, after her 5 day reward, and after her 10th day reward. It just takes her longer to get those rewards.
Bedtime is seriously SMOOTH!

#4 Pebble of Love
I am happy to report Jarom is a different child! This has made the biggest difference in him. He makes sure to floss, mouthwash, and brush every night and morning because he'll get 6 pebbles!!
(And I give him an extra 2 to wipe up his mess)

He wakes up happy, hangs up his coat and backpack after school, makes his bed and cleans his room! Why? Because he likes getting pebbles!!

I let him choose his own rewards this week. This is what he came up with:
50 pebbles=fudgecicle
100 pebbles=mom does chores + scoop of peanut butter
150 pebbles= playdate
200 pebbles= stay up 30min. past bedtime
Last week he earned 210 pebbles. If Jarom's pebbles and Jennica's pebbles = 300 or more, we all go swimming on Sat.

Jennica(age 5) isn't as obssesed with the pebbles. She needs instant gratification. Last week she earned maybe 100 pebbles. This week she figured out she'll get to go to a friends house on the bus if she earned pebbles. She kicked in gear and has more than Jarom, as of today.
Oh, the beauty of a pebble!

#5 Lost Bunny!
This may be a D+ Mom Update. Bunny was found in the clothes hamper the following Saturday, by Me.
She still doesn't know. I am going to put it in her "keepsakes" box.
She continues to talk about "Bunny" but less frequently as the days pass.

#6 The Confession
So, here it is the end of Feb. My "Just Because" gift hasn't arrived.... Meaning I haven't came up with one yet!
I have 2 days to go! AHHHH!!!!! This is proven harder than I expected!

Well, that sums up enough. I should get off the computer and start searching my Noggin for a gift! (Although, I am fighting like mad, against the temptation to go in the kitchen and find something "fun" to eat!)

If you have any Mommy Magic Tricks you'd like to share, or would like to give your thoughts about mine please do!
Let me know you were here. Leave a comment!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

B+ Mom...again

(This post is a spin-off a previous post titled B+ Mom in A+ community, read it here)

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from the Elementary school. The phone call mothers don’t like to get.

It’s the phone call informing you your child has been up to no good.

It went something like this:

Teacher: “Mrs. Hobi, this is Jarom’s teacher. We’ve had a few problems with Jarom this morning at school I want to let you know about.“

Me: ”Yes?“ Wondering what happened TO him.

Teacher: ”At morning recess he was heard using swear words to another boy.“

Me: ”JAROM was?“ (completely shocked, as any mother would be)

Teacher: ”Yes, he said Shit.“

Me: ”JAROM????“ (Positive they had the wrong boy.)

Teacher: he did admit he said it and was pretty emotional about it. I don’t know if there are other things going on at home that.....

I’m not really listening, my mind is searching for an answer. Nothing about this seemed right. He admitted he said it?!?!

I’m replaying the past week in my mind. He stayed at home sick. He was in bed for almost 3 days straight reading. (The kicker is he was reading the Children’s Bible and illustrated Book of Mormon. ) He isn’t the typical 7 year old. We are so blessed to have him.

My thoughts searched for an answer where he could have picked up this word. We don’t have a TV in the house, we strictly control the content of Media he is exposed to, and most importantly neither my husband or myself have EVER used this word. (well.....maybe pre-marriage on a really bad day)

Me: “I am very surprised to hear this. I have never heard him use swear words.”

Teacher: “Well, he had another issue this afternoon. While eating lunch he was waving his middle finger.”

Me: “You are kidding me!”

Now I’m envisioning him standing on the benches giving all the teachers a piece of his mind. Again- totally out of character.

She made it clear he was reprimanded for his behavior and mentioned he was crying and said he told her he didn’t know it was bad.

I jumped in and confirmed that he DIDN’T know what it meant!! Why would he? He’s only seven!!!

After hanging up the phone I was furious inside. Not at my son, but at the teachers. They all assumed he was guilty. I was sorry my good kid got disciplined so harshly because I knew he wouldn’t do these things.

When he got home from school I sat down with him and asked him to tell me about what happened.

He started to cry and said he got in big trouble for saying something. I asked him to tell me what he said.

Apparently he learned his lesson because he didn’t want to tell me the word he used.

I reassured him he wouldn’t get in trouble, but I needed to hear the word he said.
Reluctantly he said the word he used was, “Shut up!”

“Shut up?” I repeated almost laughing. “That’s not the word your teacher said you used.”

“It’s not?“ he questioned back. ”What word did she say I used?“

”It doesn’t matter what she said, I’ll believe what you tell me.“ I answered

Then he told me what actually took place.

”Mom you know when you get really upset and you say something really fast after you think it and then you wish you didn’t say it?
Well, Joe (name was changed) was teasing me at recess. He said I liked girls and pushed me. He kept saying that and pushing me and it made me really mad.
The last time he said it I yelled: “Shut Up!”
Then I covered my mouth and said "oops." Because I knew I shouldn’t have said that to him.
He ran away and told the teacher and she got really mad at me and told me I was in trouble.“

I asked him if his teacher told him what word it was he shouldn’t say. He said, “No, she just asked me if I said the ”S“ word.”

At this time I wanted to hug him to death. My sweet boy was totally misunderstood.
In our home ”Shut Up“ is a swear word. This boy, Joe, is a boy I know and I know his parents. I have heard foul language used by his mother, so what I think happened was Joe saw Jarom cover his mouth and say opps and Joe’s version of a swear word, which was told to the teacher, came forward. Not ”Jarom’s" swear word.

Did the teacher ever ask Jarom what word he used?
She went with the story and Jarom came home believing “Shut Up” can really get you in trouble! (Not a bad lesson)

I left it at that. This is where my B+ grade comes in.

I decided not to educated my seven year old on foul language, even though it is evident teachers think these little ones have them in their vocabulary.
I will continue to “manage” my children and protect them from the Media and Pop Culture because I can and I think they will turn out the better someday.

The story of the middle finger is legit. He does it at home, it’s a pointer finger. Harmless.

Imagine his terror:

Mom, I don’t even know what I did wrong. I was eating my lunch and had my hands on my lap and was moving my arms (side note: Jarom is a flapper. When he gets excited he pumps his arms up and down his side or he flaps like a bird. Quite funny, he seems oblivious that he is doing it. He has done this since he was a toddler) then the boy next to me went and told the lunch lady I was doing something wrong!“
.... Is pointing with my middle finger bad? he asked inquizzitivly.
She said it was bad!
She got close to my face and yelled really loud that I was not to EVER do that!
It scared me Mom, she was really mean.

Poor kid, he learned a lot that day. Doesn’t it stink when good kids get mistreated?

Shame on me for not exposing them to the “finger” and the “S” word by age seven! What kind of mother am I?? I can see our next Family Home Evening lesson going something like this:

Today we are going to teach you words and gestures you should NEVER use...

I guess all the A+ moms have already taught these lessons, that’s why his classmates had one up on him.

Ahh, School of Hard Knocks. Welcome to Life!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Tri

A few years ago I started a process of waking up. A waking up from a sleep I wasn’t aware I was in.
It happened one evening while browsing through a Women’s Health Magazine.

I read an article of a Woman in her 40’s that decided to run a triathlon. It sparked a few feelings of envy and a lot of feelings resentment toward myself.
I couldn’t remember the last time I had exercised, nor could I remember the last time I did anything for MYSELF.
I was a 27 year old mother of 3, living on the East Coast with a husband working full time and getting his Executive MBA from Columbia. I was alone with the kids ALL the time. To put it mildly, my body was being neglected.

I didn’t quite know what running a Triathlon would entail before I read this article. That evening I was on the computer Googling “Triathlons in Connecticut”

I was amazed at the varity of races in my Tri-state area! I had no idea this stuff existed. To my dismay I found most the Triathlons were held on Sunday.

Early in our marriage, my husband and I agreed we would observe the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. To me, this meant making it a day of rest.
Sundays were out for me, which left ONE race being held on Saturday, June 4th, in New York. I had found my race!

I had 6 months to train. I was petrified and excited all at once. I didn’t know anyone who ran Triathlons. I had no idea what I should be doing.

First step was sign up for a gym membership at the local YMCA.
Next step, schedule a time to do my workouts with a husband that leaves the house at 5:30am and doesn’t return till 9pm....I had a problem.

After haggling for time we came to an agreement that my Man would come home and relieve me of my motherly duties at 7pm so I could go to the gym.

Training for this Triathlon was the beginning of my waking process. I had no idea I was so out of shape mentally, physically and spiritually!

Over the next six months I prepared myself for a race that changed me in many ways.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Hair

 This morning the kids announced it was crazy hair day. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking I could take a day off doing Jennica’s hair, she’ll fit right in even if I don’t touch it. As for Jarom, he looks great with his hair spiky but if it’s a poof this morning, he too, will fit in.

I was surprised to find Jarom grooming himself as I walk past the bathroom. My 1st grader is taking Spirit Day with Pride. He emerged with each spike in it’s proper place.... nothing crazy.

Jennica sits at the breakfast table listening intently as Daddy reads the scriptures, so I thought. She interupts him in mid-sentance.
“Daddy, I think I want my hair to stick straight up like this.” She is stringing her hair out as far as her arms will reach. Oblivious that Daddy, or any of us at the table are NOT deep into HER thoughts like she is.

For once, Jennica lets me brush her hair and pull and twist without a whimper. She is excited about Crazy Hair Day. She pulls out the Hair paint from Halloween and tells me to paint away.
In goes pig-tails and lots of hair ties. Then I spray her red, and blue. Her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun shirt adds the perfect touch.

After quite a bit of prodding I talk Jarom into a little hair paint. He reminded me of those popcicles from the Ice Cream truck called Fire crackers. He was Red and Blue striped.

Quickly they threw on their coats and ran to the bus stop. After closing the door behind them I had a good laugh. This was a fun morning.

Then, panic set in! What if it really wasn’t Crazy Hair Day? I never saw the announcement. I didn’t hear a word about it. I just went with it this morning.

It would completly devistate them if they showed up and it wasn’t Crazy Hair Day. I had flashbacks of my mistake in the 3rd Grade. I showed up to school wearing my brother’s baseball uniform, complete with cleats, pants, hat and black streaks under my eyes. In those days I rode my bike to school and I got there with plenty of time to play before the bell rang. So I didn’t notice at first that I was the ONLY one dressed in costume.
Soon enough it became evidant that I had made a mistake. I sat in the girls bathroom trying to downplay this costume but found no way around it. I wanted to disappear.

If I could prevent my children from this type of embarrasment I would. I made a phone call to my neighbor and asked if her son had Crazy Hair. She put me at ease, it was indeed, Crazy Hair Day.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Funk

I am in a funk. A Thursday funk! I feel like I am moving in slow motion. It took me all day to get productive.
I made Krista’s Chicken Noodle soup this afternoon. Nothing like warm soup on a snowy day.

Yesterday I went to the Manhattan Temple. If I attend the 11am session I can make it back home before the kids get off the bus.
I have made it a personal goal to attend the Temple at least once a month. So far I am 5 for 5!

What difference have I seen in my life? I have noticed that I feel “JOY” in doing the things that I dreaded before. Such as making meals each night, having a clean house, or even being patient with my kids.
I feel the Lord is giving me the desire and endurance to fulfill my duties as a mother. I need that. I get a sense of fulfillment.

Jace has been a little bugger at nights. He wakes up around 1am and is up till 4am yelling for me. If I bring him into bed with me he wiggles and asks for a drink over and over. I fell asleep last night around 9:30pm, thrilled that I would get decent sleep. Thanks to Jace I was up most of the night listening to him yell. Is that why I am grumpy today?

Is it Spring yet? I love the bright sun but why does it have to follow up with snow?

I went for a walk this morning but failed to see any beauty in the dead trees and frozen ponds. For once I walked around with my camera and nothing to take pictures of. Well, I did take 3 pictures:
They do look a lot prettier covered in snow.

Locker-room Work out!

My Man walked through the door 2 hours late with a handful of groceries announcing
He is going to cook ME dinner. (took the sting right out)

I suppose my body language told him a lot. He sent me away for “Teak Time.”
“Teak Time” is equalivant to a “Time Out.” (My nickname my dad gave me growing up was Teak)

I need"Teak time" to stay alive.

I tend to favor the anti-social personality when I am like this, so going out wasn’t what I wanted to do.

It was 6pm when I gave the kids a kiss and said goodnight. Then I locked myself in my room.
Normally locking myself in my room isn’t an escape from my little ones. I’m usually chased down within seconds and the banging on the door beings. Thus, my kisses goodnight and announcing Mommy is leaving allowed my retreat to be successful. (Dad can explain why the bedroom door is locked.)

Nothing does it like a HOT shower. I mean HOT. I like it so hot I have to sit down when I get out before I blackout.

After the shower the first thing I put on is...headphones. (I don’t want to hear the responsibility I am avoiding)
Feng Shui does just the right thing for me.

Now, what does one put on after the end of such a day? A few years back I found just the thing.

“You look good, you feel good“

This brings me to my ”Journey to Em Moment“

I’m sure it’s Universal knowledge that underwear talks. I can’t seem to wear the ones that speak my language though. I have a drawer full of “back talking” panties.
My husband reassured me they are speaking the right language. I just wasn’t hearing it.

Growing up I have always been self concious about my body. I played sports throughout high school and spent a fair amount of time dressing in locker rooms. I did the typical get my shirt off and on simutaniously. Looking back now, I realise I should have been strutting my stuff!

Last year I was bold and decided this needed to change. I did the unthinkable and faced my insecurity sqaure in the face....butt NAKED!!!

It a desperate attempt to find “myself” I went to the Gym every night for 2 hours to train for my first Triathlon. The workouts worked wonders on my sanity but the hardest part was in the locker room.

I made a goal to do the opposite of my comfort. That ment I chose the locker closest to the door (right out in the open) to dressed and undressed there! That is AFTER I showered (not in the private stalls) and sat in the sana without my clothes on!! Butt Naked!!!!

My husband, of all people, has told me over and over that I need to get comfortable in my own skin.
Well, this just about did the trick. It took several months of doing this before I stopped jumping every time the doors opened.

The saggy grandma’s made it look easy. I decided I looked HOT after one evening with a few Senior Citizens strutting their stuff.

After the showers I would dress in "fun" underwear, because they made me feel like a WOMAN and my “normal” underwear is....well,...“modest.“
Let me make it clear that the underwear was for ME not my husband. I needed to find the confident ”woman“ in myself. Sometimes he saw it sometimes he didn’t.

Then I would spend time pampering myself, in just my underwear, (because the thought of that made me squerm) till I left the gym at 10pm.

I have to admit I walked away from the gym feeling like I wanted to feel.
I learned quite a bit about myself by stepping outside the box.

Dinner for 2 is waiting...

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Confession

I am gift challenged! I can’t believe I am admitting this. I prided myself as being thoughtful and creative before I got married.

I loved the thought of being married and getting the chance to shower my husband with love and surprises.
Well, it’s been 10 years and I have failed miserably. I will repeat FAILED!

I have had a few gifts that were a hit. Like the DVD player for Christmas, (10 years ago when they were a Hot Item)
The automatic car starter, 5 years ago, that he still uses to this day. (Doesn’t climbing into a warm car make all the difference?)

And his 30th birthday. I sent him on a Scavenger Hunt to various places in Manhattan to pick up gifts and find the Hotel where he would find... ME! That evening we dined at Per Se (AMAZING food and experience. 5 hour meal!)
and had his sister Jessica ,and her husband Pete, fly from California to show up at our table. Total Surprise.

Perhaps I have potential, but lets call it how it is. I am Gift Challenged. Let me delve last year’s gift giving experience.

Mothers Day he bought me a Road Bike I loved so much, to train for my Triathlons.

Sam goes to California on business and comes home with oodles of styling workout clothes for ME!
I go away to Utah alone and come back with....nothing for him.

My 30th birthday......he gave me a new Mac OS laptop!!! (It’s my boyfriend Mac) and a trip away, ALONE!
Sam’s birthday....I can’t remember. (Must have been a keeper!)

10th Anniversary...I talk him into staying at home with me on the couch. (Have I mentioned I am Anti-Social?)

Christmas....I show up like a champ and don’t get him anything!! Am I retarded? What kind of spoiled brat am I?
I have a million excuses I could give but the truth is I need a big kick in the pants.

I am a self-centered, unappreciative, spoiled wife!

Okay, now that I have come to grips with my “condition” it’s time to act.

I decided to, once again, step “outside of the box” and do something that is against my comfort. (You’ll see more of these moments in the near future)

I am going to give Sam “Just Because” gifts each month. Gifts that will mean something to him- not just to check off the box.
I have to make a comeback in a big way.

I married the man of my Dreams, and then I stopped trying. I am so lucky to have him. It’s time I show up!

Did I mention he spoiled me on Valentines Day? Fun workout gear (I love that stuff) and BEAUTIFUL diamond earrings and necklace!
What did I give him?........
I’ll leave that up to your imagination. ☺

“Just Because” gift for this month......?????????????? Hummmm.....????
No ideas. none. nothing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Crush


I married my Neighbor at age 20. Boy, was I naive, but it was the best decision I ever made.

He moved in next door when I was 15 years old. In High School, we were kissing friends.

He looked "Fine" in Jeans and even better with his shirt off.

I didn't know he would cook me meals that put my cooking to shame.

I didn't know he would make me laugh till I fell over.

I didn't know he was a Grammar Guru.

I didn't know I would be his Biggest Fan through his College Football years.

I didn't know I would walk the Great Wall of China holding his hand.

I didn't know I would dine at fancy restaurants in New York City.

I didn't know I would live the charming life beautiful New England has to offer.

I didn't know he would understand me like he does.

I didn't know he would be the first one to always say I'm sorry.

I didn't know....a lot.

I do know now, 10 years later, I am married to a Man that never ceases to amaze me, and I am very lucky to call him mine!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost Bunny!

Picture: Jennica and Her bunny last year.

Jennica is devastated! She has lost her bunny!

Jennica’s Mom is devastated but a little bit relieved the bunny is lost.

“Bunny” isn’t a cute family pet. It’s a discolored, mangled, over-washed stuffed animal that she has slept with for over 4 years! EVERY night she has rubbed it’s little tag between her fingers as she slips into “Dreamland.”

I am so happy to be rid of the little hare, but at the same time my heart goes out to her loss.

I can’t express how frustrating it can be to have her all tucked into bed, lights out and door closing to hear her
announce, “BUNNY! Where is my Bunny?”
The bedtime routine gone to shambles!!! The search for the lost bunny begins.

Jennica is 5 years old. I feel she is a little too old to have such an attachment. I didn’t have the heart to just take it away. I guess I have been waiting for this day to come.

I last saw it on her bed Monday afternoon. Bunny was propped neatly against her pillow.
Jen didn’t notice it’s absence till she was in bed, of course.

I can imagine the dilemma she was faced with next.

Do I open the door and call in the search patrol, and loose my FISH?(read Not A Peep!)


Do I go to bed without it?

She chose to loose her Fish, which told me Bunny really does hold a special place in her heart, and the search lights came out. Tragically the search and rescue wasn’t successful.

A very unhappy girl went to bed without Bunny Monday night....and Tuesday night....and Wednesday night....and Thursday night!!

Can you see my smile get any bigger!

She claimed it was impossible to get to sleep without it, but I guess her desire to earn a fish each night so she could get her “stay in bed reward”, was enough to get her through it.

We have searched the house high and low. I have no idea where bunny is hiding.

Maybe it was Bunny’s desire to move on??

She made a sign:
Lost bunny

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pebble of love

My 7 year old son is a good kid. He can be so pleasant to his younger siblings, and then other times he is a Monster! Unfortunately, I have seen more of the monster lately.

He is fully capable of completing his chores alone but he makes everything seem so hard. He seems to work harder at throwing a fit than the actual assignment requires.

Sam and I have had several talks about what we can do to help him with his attitude.
We’ve learned from Church Leaders and books that the best thing to do is love it out of them. It always helps when we don’t react to his fit and instead offer a long loving hug. (And sometimes it’s REALLY hard on my part to offer that hug) But something triggers his emotions and he is a grump again.
It’s hard to see him is such an awful mood.

I have been praying for a solution to offer this little boy some happiness, and this morning I think I found it.

During my scripture study I read how God has always required His children to make covenants. God promises to bless us, and we promise to obey. He sets the terms of Gospel covenants and we either accept or reject them. Keeping covenants brings blessings in this life and exaltation in the life to come.

I thought maybe my 7 year old needs to feel “blessed” or acknowledged for his goodness. Could he feel so terrible inside because he doesn’t feel like he is a good kid?

I know I keep covenants and live by a different standard, like so many other Lattter-Day Saints, because I know the Lord will bless me. I am banking on those blessings!!

Tonight I announced to my 3 kids (ages 7,5, and 3) that I would be handing out pebbles (little colored rocks I bought at a craft store) for random acts. I didn’t put any conditions on what they could or couldn’t do, but I did say after Dad and I talked we would let them redeem their pebbles for privileges.

Can you guess who earned the most pebbles in 2 hours?
My monster melted away and I found my good kid back in my arms telling me how much he loved me and how he wanted to hug me forever.

I asked him to explain why he felt so good and his answer was very touching to me.
He said, “Mom, I feel so good inside because you let me be helpful to you.”

He transformed right in front of me.

I think I would find it difficult to keep my covenants with God if I never felt his blessings. I see His blessings everyday. I FEEL his love for me...especially when I am trying to do my part.

My son isn’t any different. He needs to be noticed. The pebbles provided him with the recognition that what he was doing was good in my eyes. The more little pebbles he got he had tangible proof that he is good.

There were several times I caught him being extra gentle with his sister and instead of giving him a pebble I gave him a hug and asked him how his actions made him feel. He would give a sigh of satisfaction and tell me he felt good inside. Not once did he ask for a pebble.

In his prayers tonight he gave thanks for being able to be so helpful and earn pebbles.

I am amazed at the amount of goodness and love that oozed out of him.

I need to recognize more of his goodness.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back in the Gym

Today is day two back in the gym!! I’m cutting my winter hibernation short.
Although the snow is still on the ground here, I am ready to hit the road running.

Treadmill running is the pits. I find myself reading T-Shirts of those in front of me, watching the miles go by. (Not as quickly as I’d like) Then I talk myself into stopping short of my 3 miles, only to talk myself back into completing it again. This happens over and over till I reach 3 miles and I walk away a more powerful and stronger person!

Yesterday I ran and then lifted weights. By night fall I was a Zombie! I didn’t have ANY energy. I put my 3 year old to bed at 7:30pm had dinner on the table and told the others I was going to bed. I couldn’t wait till their bed time. Am I a Grandma or what?

Today I had more energy but had the hungry head ache follow me all day. Why can’t it be easy to get into shape? It’s so easy to be lazy and get fat. Why do I get punished when I take care of myself?

Ahh....Spring is around the corner (fingers crossed) I’ll be happy I endured all the pain when I am on a beach somewhere.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Wheaties and a Banana. Yum!
I could eat that every meal. My 3 year old believes "Strawberry Oat-more." is the best breakfast. His request EVERY morning is Strawberry Oatmore, orange juice and bitamins (vitamins). Then he's off to conquer the day.
Today he is Dash from the Incredibles, costume and all, zooming up and down the hall watching his feet as he runs. I'm sure he believes they are a blur because he is running so fast!

Yesterday he let me give him a hair cut, on the account that I make him look like Dash. I gave it my best shot but came up short. Apparently I made him look just like JACE. He was so upset when he looked in the mirror.

"MOM!!! I don't look like Dash, you made me look just like JACE!!"
I'll take that as a compliment.

I wonder what costume I should put on today after eating my Wheaties and Banana??
I wish I could put on my biking clothes and hit the road for a nice bike ride. I guess daydreaming about my Spring bike ride in Manhattan will have to do. I have the map, bike, and clothes. If only Spring would hurry and get here!!
Does anyone want to join me?

My Kind Of Pet!

I can't keep a house plant or animal alive.
This is my kind of pet!

I forgot to post a picture to my Not A Peep! entry. These are the fish the kids earn by staying in bed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not a Peep!

The Hobi's have had a difficult time keeping their little ones in bed after lights out.
Apparently their little bladders can't seem to wait till morning, even though they JUST walked away from the bathroom. Or they are SOOO thirsty, with the wet mustache still on their face.
Mom is ready to "clock out" but these silly needs ruin that relaxing sigh of relief.
It was ridiculous how many trips were made to the bathroom with the detour to see what was going on in other parts of the house. And the bedtime would drag on..... and..... on!

Last week we put a STOP to it! Sam and I agreed that we would simply ignore any child that came out of their room. Jennica was the visitor this particular night. Sam and I were each on a separate couch reading. She came in the room and asked if we would close her blinds. We ignored her....she sat down next to Sam and began answer. She got right in his face and rubbed his hair, and chin and kept talking away. He did a great job ignoring her.
I am laughing behind my book across the room.
After she realizes he is ignoring her (it took a few min.), she came to me. Her tactic changed. She didn't use all her mushy daddy stuff on me. Instead she said: "Mom, if you don't talk to me I'll never do what you ask again!"
Now Sam is laughing behind his book.
She gave up on us and began talking to herself and flopped on the floor and started playing!
Sam and I exchanged looks?? IGNORE....
An hour later she is still at our feet asking questions and NOT getting a response.
10pm rolls around and we got up and went to bed.....Jennica in tow.
I had to lock our bedroom door to get her to retreat.
Sam and I laughed behind our locked door at the endurance of our 5 year old, but this tune was getting old.

Bedtime needs to mean bedtime! We decided to reward Jarom the next morning for STAYING in his bed and not say a word to Jennica about her intrusion.
The following morning at breakfast I lauded Jarom for staying in bed and told him he could have some ice cream when he returned from school.
As expected Jennica had something to say about that! I ignored her fit and followed up with Jarom that afternoon.

Bedtime that day went a bit differently! Jarom went to bed like a champ and so did Jennica!!
We were on to something!!
The next morning I was so excited they stayed in bed without any threats made by me nor tears shed by them!
I reward them each morning with a fish to put inside our giant fish tank. Once they have 5 fish inside the tank they get an ice cream cone.
Bed time now really means bedtime!! Not a peep from them at night! ahhhh! I can kick my feet up at the end of the day!

Credit to my wise husband for reading What Shamu taught me about a happy marriage . Hats off to you my love! You worked this one!

We had to modify the rules a bit for Jace. He usually stays in bed because he sleeps on the top bunk and I take the ladder away so he doesn't climb down. If I forget to take the ladder away he ALWAYS climbs down. I wanted to teach him to obey instead of taking away the temptation. Now I leave the ladder there and he gets a fish each morning also. His Ice cream reward comes every 3 days. I found 5 days is too long for him to see the point of his good efforts. On his 4th night of Not a Peep he suddenly lost all desire to continue.
"MOM!!" he yelled about 10min after bedtime.
Then he busted out an obnoxious song and had a hay day throwing all his pillows and blankets off his bed.
He had enough of being good! I decided my 3 year old needed instant gratification.

I Love Bedtime. And my husband for curing our problem!

Boy's should be Boys!

I just finished this book and thought I’d pass it along.
If any of you have boys in the house it’s a great one to read. It is full of great advise and words of wisdom particularly to the Dads.
A dad’s role to a child is unbelievably important. I was amazed at the many different “little” things a dad could do to make or break a child’s self-esteem.
It’s stressed over and over throughout the book that boys need less things and more of dad.

“When it comes to material things, boys don’t need more, they need less. When it comes to indulging their desire for pleasure, they don’t need more of that, they need less of it. What they need more of are parents willing to step up, spend the time with them, and show them the virtues of maturity and self-control.“

My favorite remark was, ”Give them space to be bored, to find ways to fill his time. When he does this, he will be forced to think.“

Not having a TV in our house has provided many moments of ”What should I do?“
Sam’s answer is always, Read a book or go out and play. More times than not we find them reading a book!

I can see Jarom worships Sam. He watches everything he does. He is a little Sam and has been from birth.
What he is learning, is how to grow up and be a man.
That's a BIG pill to swallow for a dad!

Read it!!

This is a funny commercial about dads, check it out: (Thanks Brooke for Sharing.)

A sequel book is Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What would you do for a....

Why? Oh, Why? Must a Klondike Bar consist of 150 fat Calories?
Why can't a "Little" treat be a "little" fattening?

It's a rip off! If I wanted to consume 150 FAT calories I wouldn't choose a whimpy Klondike bar. I'd go for the real stuff!!
(But, I don't have the real stuff. It's grounded from my house)

That's Right! Ben & Jerry's!! Now, that's fat calories worth every bite!!