Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day of School

This morning I mustered all the energy I could to get out of bed early enough to have the kids make the bus. They put up less of a fight today because today was the last day of school!

The sky was still covered in gloom but we made the best of it. (I still can’t believe we’ve had to wear jackets clear till the end of school.)

I wrapped Jace up in a blanket and put him in the jogger and off we went to enjoy or last morning together. I ran while he held his Superman fishing pole cast the whole way. This kids imagination is amazing! Who thinks to take a fishing pole on a run?

When the kids came running off the bus with huge smiles on their faces and cheers of celebration the sun also came out for the afternoon!

We walked to the ice cream store and treated ourselves to some cones.
It was so nice to walk and enjoy the warm sun. No one was in a hurry to get home. It was perfect.

Dinner was served outside on the terrace. Happy kids, happy mom. We played till the sun went down.

When dad got home we danced in the kitchen. The sun does wonders on my soul!
Too bad It’s gone for another 8 days.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Important "Moment"

(this was painted on a wall outside our hotel)
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Time is usually my enemy. I don't like to have deadlines, or appointments.

I don’t like waking to alarms or even knowing what time it is when I go to sleep. It’s all in the moment.
I’ll sleep when I’m tired, I’ll eat when I’m hungry, I’ll show up when I get there....

Well, that’s how I wish I lived. Thankfully, my life isn’t all about me and my wants.

I keep a close eye on the clock to know when the kids will come or go. I get to be here or there at a specific time because I said I would be.

Sometimes I’m not prepared for life. Sometimes I wake up and realize I am not on my game and everything around me crumbles.

Sometimes I forget to pack a school snack or flat out don’t want to cook dinner. (well...most the time)

Sometimes I want to sleep all day and other times I want to stay up all night just to have a quiet moment for myself.

“Moments“ are important to me. My definition of a ”Moment“ is; the necessary amount of time needed to regroup.

It may take as little as a steaming HOT shower or as long as few days away..alone.

However long it is, I always learn more about myself and come away recharged.

Recently, Sam recognized the need for a ”Marriage Moment.“

Ten years of moves, school, jobs, births, and deaths changes people.
Three days of love bonds them.

Three days in New York with Sam and a serious desire to rediscover my love for him made for a wonderful fresh start to life.

In a City packed with millions of people I felt the sun came out just for us.

I needed that moment to recharge and remember who I married.
(Today I took a 5 hour nap to recover from that!)

NY Food

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....need I say more? YUMMY!

New York Escape

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It took me all day to do nothing.

I went to the gym to find I am so terribly sore from yesterday’s workout that I couldn’t even jog on the treadmill. So, I stretched.
Yes, I drove to the gym to stretch.

I’m not sure what I did all day because by the end of the day my house wasn’t better off or even worse than when the alarm climbed in bed with me. (Jace)

I did take a shower. A long HOT shower. It must have taken up at least an hour.

I spent most of my day thinking of the getaway Sam and I are taking Tomorrow through Saturday.

I’m thinking how great it will be to have alone time with my hubby while we wander the streets of New York without the strollers, and backpacks stuffed with “just-in-case”, and cries of “are we done?”

I’m thinking of the great restaurants we will find (because that’s what we do in the City. We EAT) and the cool Hotel that claims to have a heated outdoor pool with UNDERWATER MUSIC??? What??

I’m thinking there are endless possibilities while we eat and the RAIN!!!!

Wait a minuet! Perhaps I haven’t woke up yet. After all, it’s another one of those wonderful days with the sky full of dark clouds and leaking fluid. Who gets out of bed for that?

Maybe the sun will come out just for me. I’ll climb the Empire State Building tomorrow and beg the sun to come out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drip, Drop....

 Rain boots and umbrellas are part of the wardrobe these days. We're getting so much rain I'm afraid we too will turn green.
I love rainy days but not a big fan of rainy weeks.
Sure does make for a beautiful Summer though....that is if the sun shows up this year.
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Forcast for the week....more rain. I may need to order pizza to liven myself up!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Jennica!

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May 21st Jennica had a birthday. The day brought sunshine, balloons, music, and lots of kids!
She celebrated with an after school party at our house. The best part of the party (for me) was watching the kids play the donut on a string game! I laughed and laughed watching them. They loved it too.
We could have played that the whole time. Too bad we had other games to play.

***Note to parents: It only takes donuts and a string to entertain a large group of girls. Skip the fancy craft and
hired help.

Birthday girl

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Monday, June 1, 2009

still waiting...

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I’m still waiting for the Sun to warm up my life.

I’m still wearing a sweatshirt monday-sunday.

I’m still wrapping up in my oversized bathrobe when I climb out of bed.

I’m still checking the weather ten times a day, wondering when the sun will warm me up.

I’m still wondering when I will visit the swimming pool.

Wondering when I will sport a suntan.

Wondering when the rain clouds and wind will move on.

Wondering when I will sleep with the AC on or windows open.

Wondering when the kids can go to school without a jacket.

For Pete’s sake! It’s June already!! When will it stay warm?

I get grumpy when the sun isn’t out.