Monday, September 29, 2008

I Made it!

The Triathlon was fun. Here it is 2 days later and I am still sore. (it's the I feel so good sore)
Two of my New Canaan friends participated too. It was fun having them there. I had just as much fun taking pictures.
I wanted to take more pictures but I sadly put my camera down and jumped into the water.
I did better than I expected in the swim, really enjoyed the bike, and SUCKED at the run! (as expected)
I was well into the 1st mile before I could even feel my legs. My brain was running really fast but my legs weren't getting the message. It was a strange "out of body" experience. I eventually made it to the finish line. My time was 2:08:18.
There is always room for improvement in the run! As for the other events, I am happy with my results. This was my 4th Triathlon and the longest distances.
My friends were awesome, they kicked my butt in the run! Those College athlete's aren't human!!
Here are some pics:

Treva, Ember, and Lindsay going to dinner

Before the plunge

Lindsay's victory cheer. Her time was 2:07:06

Treva's victory cheer. Her time was 2:04:01

My victory smile! (A photographer's fate)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pre-Triathlon jidders

Tomorrow morning while most of you will be snuggled in bed, I will be enjoying my Triathlon.
Tonight is Carb load night and you guessed it- I am eating PIZZA with my girlfriends!!!!
I'm glad the day is here. I am ready to jump into that murky water and swim my guts out (hate the swim) and take in the awesome beauty of New England on my bike (right through my hometown) and run the painless 5 MILES!!!!
Bring it on!!!
I like doing triathlons because they never get easy. It always stinks running 5 miles and my legs are always rubber when I complete a ride. (notice I didn't mention the swim?? I pretend it isn't there)
I like completing something I am trying to talk myself out of the whole time. It's giving me a workout I wouldn't normally attempt.
Training for this triathlon was a challenge for me in the run. My ideal run is 3 miles, so to kick it up to 5 miles (especially after a 15 mile bike) took work. I know when I hit mile 4. I get a lovely cramp right in my butt. On my light days I'd run 3 miles and feel like super woman!! I'm glad I've had to move up to 5 miles just so running 3 miles is so enjoyable now!

I guess I should post my expected completion time.
I will cross the finish line in 2 hours and 20min.
Stay tuned.....

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Day of a 3 year old....

Yesterday, I got down on the floor and looked at life from Jace's perspective. After doing this I realized I rush him to often.
A task that I could get done in less than 20 seconds became my entertainment for quite some time.
First he picked out his own clothes. ( I wasn't surprised he chose his Elmo shirt. He wants to wear that everyday.)

Then he had to start all over again!

Is it lunch time already?

Then it was time to make the bed!
But first we had to talk to each "friend" and inspect them!

And tell a few stories...

Laugh at a few jokes...

Take a little rest...

Give some love....

TaDa! The finished product!

Now our day is ready to begin.

Or NOT.....

We get to start the process all over again!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New York

From New York City

Last week I had my first photo shoot in NY! I had so much fun following these two around. I loved the photos of them next to the graffiti. I saw NY through their style.
Here are a few of my photos.

From New York City
From New York City

From New York City

From New York City

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watering Children

From Rain

I LOVE rain! I especially love the smell of rain! Today we had a pleasant wet day.
I dressed Jace up and sent him out to jump in puddles! Kids are so lucky. I love that a kid doesn't care if his shoes get wet.
I love that they run right out into the rain without thinking of what it will do to their hair or even their clothes. They don't hesitate to enjoy the blessing of rain. They embrace it.
It's not that often that you see an adult speeding through puddles on a bike just to see how high the water splashes, or stomping through a puddle that wasn't there yesterday. I want to live like a child again.

I'm thankful for a rainy day! Here's to all the kids that LIVE life and allow the rain to help them grow!!

From Rain

From Rain

From Rain

From Rain

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Full day Kindergarten!

Today Jennica is a Kindergartner! She has been ready for this day for quite some time. She watched Jarom as a Kindergartner last year so nothing was a surprise. She rides the same bus, goes to the same school, and even has the same teacher he had. I was much more subdued this time around. I guess the difference now is Jennica and I are both ready for this change. She got on the bus without even looking back. Once her mind was set on going to school she was off. I wasn't surprised she didn't need any encouragment from me. She is 5 going on 15.
Now that I am down to one child at home I am able to go running with Jace in the stroller right after the bus leaves, instead of 6am. The course I run takes me pass the school, so I thought I would swing by and say hi while she was on the playground, NOT to check up on her. I arrived a few min. after her bus and found her on the kid swarmed playground buzzing around. I called out to her and once she saw me she gave me a annoyed look and said: " Mom, why are you here?"
I had to laugh. It was obvious she was enjoying her life away from me. The feeling was mutual. :)
I continued my run and thought Jennica and I are experiencing simialr freedoms today.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Imagine a mom with a 3 year old, 2 year old and 8 months pregnant living on the 10th floor.

Imagine a mom who drives a car full of car seats.

Imagine a mom that sleeps with kids on top of her!

Imagine a mom that goes running with 3 kids in a stroller.

Imagine a mom that sits in the hall at church every week with a baby!

Imagine a mom that knows every song Dora the Explorer has EVER sung!

Imagine a mom that knows the exact countdown to bedtime on a rough day.

Imagine a mom that has read Green Eggs and Ham a billion times.

Imagine a mom that listens to her kids read bedtime stories to her!

Imagine a mom that doesn't have a child in diapers!

Imagine a mom that gets love notes saying; I luv you. You R the best mom evr!

Imagine a mom that only makes her own bed

Imagine a mom that can send a child to the kitchen to find their own snack.

Imagine a mom seeing her kids walk to the bus stop comforting each other from the back to school jitters.

Imagine going from constant 3 to 1 again!!

I didn't imagine it happening so fast!

No Visitors!!

I am a mom to 3 kids. Ages being 3,5,&6. They were born with special powers.

These special powers notify them if and when I enter the bathroom! I've even wondered if there is some kind of silent alarm on my bathroom door that signals bells and whistles that only they can hear. Like those dog whistles only the dogs hear.

To this day, I haven't made it through a session without being disturbed. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or what summoned me there to begin with- they always find me! I have sat in the same room with them for long periods of time without being needed...until I step foot on that tile! Sure enough, one of them (and it's not uncommon for ALL of them) come running into my room calling for me. How do they know I am in there???

The best is when they come running to the door fully expecting it to be unlocked and slam into the rejection. They freak out! I missed the rule that states; Moms are not allowed to have privacy...EVER!!! I hope someday they lose the Special Power.

This is what it feels like:

Please don't knock when the door is locked! Please don't smash your face into the door frame and yell!

Please don't yell louder if I tell you to talk to me when I am out of the shower. Please don't play with the light switch while I'm in the shower!

Please don't camp out by the door and wait for me. Please don't shove toys or wave your little fingers to me under the door! It was cute the first 10 times.

Please don't announce to a caller that I am in the bathroom. Please don't tell me stories or ask questions while the hair dryer is running.

Please, Please, Oh Please, don't disturb me while I am in the bathroom!!!

I've noticed they also have special powers with the telephone!!!

Dead End at Memory Lane?

I laugh every time I pass this sign. This is a funny Oxymoron.
I can't help but imagine a neighborhood of Old people.