Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today is Mothers Day!
This morning I was greeted in bed by Jarom, Jennica, Jace all dressed for church with their gifts they made at school.

Jace (age 6 in Kindergarten) has been so excited about mothers day! He has kept his gifts a secret all week. That’s a tough thing to do at age 6. I think it’s cute when kids try to keep sectrets. They become consumed with the desire to share the sacred secret! They tell you just about EVERYTHING they can without actually saying the exact words. This week Jace has been telling me the first letter to each of the gifts.

Once the gifts came home in his backpack he was like a sitting goose on her eggs. Returning several times to check on them, and once again constantly telling me where the gifts were and I was not allowed to look.

I remember being his age. I remember knowing my gift was special, simply because it was going to be for my mom.
Year after year I get a billion drawings in one day from my kids. All of them stating “I love you mom.“

I love the school projects that usually have the misspelled proclamation
Happy Mouthers Day! (Just like I misspelled it when I was young)

At church someone made the comment
”having teenagers makes us Christian“ That made me laugh.
I have had similar thoughts but couldn’t express it as equlotently as that.

I am closer to God because of my children. I am thankful I get to wake each morning to love, serve, and teach them.

my toenails always need a paint job
my fingernails are NEVER painted

my journal entries end in mid sentences
my kindergartener speaks run- on- for-ever -sentences

wipes are used for everything
my garage is a diaper landfill

my showers are normally cut short
my telephone conversations are always heard

my dirty laundry basket is replaced with a clean laundry basket

my quiet time is never quiet
my bed is never MINE

My moments as a young mother
will be missed when I’m old