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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BAD hair days

I’ve been known to have a bad hair day.
Jennica is the first to let me know.
 Sadly, today trumphs them all.

I called up my hair stylist begging for her help.
One day I woke up and my hair was all wrong!

My right side seemed way longer than the left.
Just to be sure I wasn’t loosing my mind I checked with Sam.

Sure enough, it was way longer!

I don’t remember it being that way the last time I had my hair done. (3 months ago)
How does something like this just happen?

My stylist took one look at my hair and told me I fried it with my hair dryer!



  I never saw a GLOP of hair fall to the floor or smelled it burning.  I just looked at my hair one day and it was GONE!

So, my LONG locks were chopped off today!  I lost about 4 inches to even it up.  
What a bummer.  

The good news is she covered up my GREY that sneaks out around my temples.

Last week I had a different bad hair day caught on camera
 I stopped into a local Rite Aide to have my Visa Pictures taken.
It wasn't planned,
 I just happened to see the sign on the window while I was buying piano books from the store next door.
My kids need Visa pictures too (along with Passport pictures that I took) so I figured RIGHT THEN was the best time to get it done. 
 Jace and Jennica were with me so we ran inside.
I realized this was a bad idea when the camera was pointing in my face.
AHHH!  My hair!
"DON'T smile" the woman warned me.  "You can't smile in these pictures!"
That comment alone gets you thinking about being a criminal.
I stood there staring blankly at her totally unaware that my hair was doing the

I have guilty written ALL over me, don't I? 
(or is that brown guck? why is my face that color?)
I'm not sure a smile would make this picture any better.
All I need is my inmate number.
It only gets better...
These are my kids with their WORST hair day ever!

 someone call Family Services!

This is sad.  
I'll take a better look at all of us the next time we go out in public.
I promise we don't always look this way.
These are the pictures that will be attached to our Indian Visas.
We just might not get accepted...

On a LOVING note:
Grandma and Grandpa Christiansen send us these every Valentines Day

I LOVE these! 
I helped eat them.
It made me feel better about my hair.
THANK YOU Wes and Kathy!!