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Sunday, March 3, 2013

New kid on the block-Sunday version

Today was our 1st Sunday attending our new Ward in Utah.
These days we are having a lot of "1st times."

"1st Time" experiences can be ugly, especially when your going to be surrounded with your audience for some time.

Being the "new" family at church is tricky.
I think each Ward has their own set of unspoken rules.
Everyone knows the front row is occupied by the same family each sunday.
It's their VIP award for daring to sit there.  They don't have to place bags to save their place.  It's there waiting for them and no one takes it.

When a newbie arrives and messes things up... they are starting off on the wrong foot.

I can't tell if today was a success or a flop.
Having Abi pee all over the gym floor and my lap didn't feel like a good omen.

*I'm not positive on the date of this post.  I am posting it months after writing it and it had no date.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Feeling LOVED

Today I was given a farewell gift.
It was a book filled with notes written from the ladies at Church.  I wanted to read them without being interrupted so I waited till after the kids were in bed.

In a quiet moment I re-opened the book.
Page after page my "love tank" was filled.  By the end I was in tears.  
Women I have known for a short period of time and those whom I have known for many many years, took time to write me a small note.  I will treasure those notes forever.

The word has been out that we are leaving for the past 5 months.  Our initial plan was to be gone in December.  Those months leading up to December several people approached me and/or Sam and said such nice things about us and how we will be missed.  Having this repeated several times I turned to Sam and joked "we should fake a move in the future just to hear people tell us how wonderful we are."
It feels good to hear those things.  

As I sat in the afterglow of  kind words I wished all of them could know how meaningful it was for me to read them.  In my reality, I am hanging by a thread most days and looking to THEM for inspiration. 

My Church and several in the New Canaan Community have been "family" out here.  This is where my kids grew up and this is where I grew a lot. 

I am so touched when I get a kind note.

I keep them all.

Next week I step into a whole new world.  I'm scared.  I'm sad, but I do feel loved.