Sunday, June 12, 2011

Follow me in India!

I am going to INDIA!!!

I created another blog to update while I'm there so come with me to India!
(I promise to keep you entertained!)

Ember in India

I leave this Friday. Jump on over to my Countdown page and get more details!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inner Beauty...or NOT

Saturday I ran a Triathlon in Pawling, New York. I learned a few things about myself during the event.
I did the unthinkable (in my mind) and participated in the race without training for it.
The main reason I sign up for Triathlons is to motivate me to get in shape. I need to find a new tactic because this year that one failed miserably. I found I was just too busy to swim bike or run! I had no desire to do it.
Instead I have been running up and down stairs (that's 26 total) many many many times a day.

Mom brought it to my attention, after spending a few weeks with me over the Holiday’s ,that doing my everyday necessities must be keeping me in shape.
She ran up and down my stairs, chased the kids here and there, ran to this store and that store then came home and made dinner and cleaned up only to turn around and see that it all had to be done again the next day!
Being a Mom is a lot of work.

I didn’t train for my TRI because i didn’t want to. I was doing MOM stuff. Good thing it was marked on my calendar, otherwise I could’ve easily overlooked it.
The night before the race, my friend who also signed up called to make travel arrangements. At 8pm that night I still hadn’t put any thought into the race the following morning. ( I was having too much fun making a New York Trip Video for my family that came to visit.)

Nevertheless, I did climb out of bed at 5:30am Saturday morning and drive to Pawling NY.
I did this because I was curious to know how in shape (or out of shape) I was just by being an active mother.

This was a big test!

I did feel healthy and so I thought I’d give it a try.

I spent a good 30 minuets stretching before the race. I knew my muscles were going to go into shock if I didn’t.

First was the 1/4 mile swim. I jumped in and actually swam faster this time than I did when I trained for the same TRI in 2007!
Next was the 14 mile bike ride. I usually LOVE the biking part the most. This time it seemed like more work. (go figure)
Lastly was the 3 mile run. I’ll be honest- I HATED IT! My mom taught me not to say HATE but right now it is appropriate! I HATED it!
I’m not a big fan of running. Sometimes it is therapeutic but most the time I don’t enjoy it.

After I got off the bike and started running quite a few things were revealed to me.
1. I am NOT a runner.
2. I am GRUMPY when I have to run
3. I am not a nice person when I have to run
4. I I think mean things about other people when I have to run
5. running is hard!

I did it though! I finished the race! Then I wanted to throw up... Then I was STARVING!!!

Reflecting back to the pain of the run I realized I am a GRUMP when life gets hard!
People were cheering us along the way yelling things like; “Great job!” “You’re almost there!” “Way to go!” “You’re awesome!”

In my mind I was yelling back; “Oh Shut up! You don’t even know me!” or “Don’t tell me I’m almost there!” and the most frequent thought that came to mind was “This SUCKS!”

One man, I passed on the run, made an effort to thank every volunteer along the road.
He called out to them; “Thank you for Volunteering.”

He gave me something to think about for the next mile. I wondered why I got so ugly inside when I felt uncomfortable.
I like to think of myself as a nice person. I usually have compassion toward others, but come to find out, I’m only that way when it’s easy.

When I was in labor with Abi I recall “shhhh-ing!!” my nurse like a mean dog because she was “chatting” with Sam during a contraction.
I would NEVER be so rude in “reality”

Why do I get so ugly at times like this? Is it normal? Perhaps it is normal, but I don’t think it is RIGHT. The Natural man is and enemy to God. I don’t think I get more natural that that. These are real, on the spot feelings- and they are ugly.

So, my attempt to run a TRIATHLON without training was a success. My physical body passed the test!
But in the end I learned I am a healthy, strong Mother physically, but I need to work on my natural (mean) emotions that only surface when things get hard.
That’s why it’s important to do hard things. It purges the ugliness right out of you! (that is, if you even notice it)

My total time was 1:48:12