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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stranger at Home

Sixteen years ago I left my hometown.  
I was an 18 year old girl ready for change! 

Last week I returned to find change moved in when I moved out.

 A visit to the Christiansen’s brought us to Hurricane, (the place where the majority of my life experiences and memories were created) but this wasn’t the town I remembered.

Spotted here and there I recognized buildings and houses that triggered memories but for the more part I was a stranger in my hometown.  
This visit, I viewed Hurricane through a different lens.  I understand today how little I knew then, but still yearned for that youthfulness.  

Nothing was the same.  Houses seemed smaller than I remembered them, the schools I attended were not the schools I saw and the streets my friends and I ruled were replaced by strangers.
Those friends, that life, and this town aren’t mine anymore.

I felt sad as we drove away.   
I felt as if  my memories and relationships didn’t really exist.  

I wondered if car racing through the streets, high school sports,  or missed curfews ever happened- 
then I looked at Sam and remembered they did.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Hotter than You!" A P90X Story

**Warning- all content on this blog belong to their rightful owner. (Me) Any copyright infringement or tampering will be punished by penalty of the Law. (Death)  I reserve the right to brag as I please.  If you feel this post must be shared with your husband for a little encouragement please contact www.P90X for further assistance.

According to the #1 New Year Resolution of 2012 was to loose weight. (I'm pretty sure that's been in 1st place since McDonalds was created)

Only 45% of Americans actually keep Resolutions.
I fall into the looser category and I don’t mean loosing weight.  I’m part of the 45% that don’t stick to it.

I always make New Year Resolutions but somewhere around April I forget what it was.
Last year I decided it would be doing 30 day challenges.  I figured I would have a better chance at accomplishing something for 30 days rather than 365.
 Again, that was lost at Feb!
Consistency is NOT in my genes.

The good news is consistency is Sam’s middle name!  
He keeps things going around here.
I'm more of the "New Rule!" mother if you know what i mean.

At the end of 2011 Sam and I had a little competition going on.  We called it: "Hotter than You“
(I named it that because I was sure I would win)
The goal was to transform our bodies by Valentines Day. (cheesy, I know)
Whoever made the most progress owed the other a vacation of their choice.

I was stoked about this....and then I never started.  About a month into it Sam came home with new running shoes.
He placed them in front of me like a gift. 
”Cool shoes“ I admired
”What do you think?“ he says with a smile.
I come back again with, ”cool shoes.“
”Look closely“
I stare at them wondering why he is bringing so much attention to a pair of shoes.
”What do you see?“
By now I am bored of this game and give in.
He tells me to look at the tongue of the shoes.
I saw the words: "Hotter Than You" printed across them.
My man was on a roll!  This did ignite a new found desire to start over so I went a bought a new pair of shoes too, but they didn't run as fast nor as often as his.

This is a picture of him before the "Hotter Than You" shoes were purchased:

 January (2012)

This is him with over 900 miles on those shoes!
Heartford Ct. Marathon

After a few months running he came home with a small box that looked like this:

I was toast!
Before and After pictures are a must with this program!

This was his before (which doesn’t show the 10lbs he just lost from running a month prior)

Day 1

90 Days

Day 1

90 Days

Day 1

90 Days

 He is a Rock Star!  
Is this what 45% of American’s are missing out on by not keeping their New Year Resolution of Loosing weight?!

Instead of P90X I did Insanity.

If you want to get your butt kicked everyday-this workout is for you!
  Note: Insanity is not a program to build muscle like P90X does, but you do look fit.  It is a great conditioning program.
I picked up running after I completed it and found myself running 6 miles in an hour!

I’m  a long way behind Sam but the view is good from where I am! :)
 He is still hard core exercising everyday 

It makes us laugh when we see his before pictures!  It didn’t occur to us that he carried so much weight in his face!
color him green and call him the Hulk!

These kids thought he was strong 

It's clear that Sam won the contest.  I'm begging him to go on vacation where he can strut his stuff!

Interested in more statistics? Try this
amusing article about people showing up to the gym in January.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


in·san·i·ty [in-san-i-tee]
   the condition of being insane;  a derangement of the mind. 

Given my current state of mind, and recent contact with a Physiologist, I think it only fitting that I take on a new workout challenge called INSANITY!
I'm hearing exercise is a great step in improving depression. 
I gave it a try...didn't last long. (humm...imagine that!)  

I pulled a no show for a Triathlon I signed up for (and got 15 other people to sign up for too..sorry!) and apparently left some friends hanging this morning for a bike ride!!  ( Just read the email about meeting outside my house at 7am. oops!) 

I'm pathetic! 

Sam is such a stud right now.  He's almost done with P90X.  He lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of MUSCLES!! (woot woot!)  I watch him manage every calorie that enters his mouth, as I relish in my ice cream addiction.

My drug of choice is ice cream.  I putter around like Eeyore all day and then snuggle up to a pint (never less) of Ben and Jerry's.  I seriously feel so much better after my pint is gone.  It even cured my "I've-been-crying-all-day-head-ache" that tortured me for about 5 hours.
Some people go to alcohol, or drugs, to escape their depression.  i totally get it.  

This one is my favorite.  I eat it right out of the carton!

I'm stuck in the cycle of feeling down so I eat ice cream to feel better for the night then wake up and start counting the hours till I can escape in my ice cream again.  (I'll never break it out mid-day.  I would have to share it! :)  

See, isn't this addictive behavior?  Maybe I should start attending Addictive Recovery Classes!

Thankfully, ice cream isn't as harmful as alcohol or drugs, but I escape to it probably just the same and it is leaving it's mark on my body.

It's been 3 months since my depression set in, and today I took a good look in the mirror.  I literally did...
I went to Kohl's and tried on a few items.  I had no idea my body looks the way it does!  There's something about those changing room lights!
I can tell you right where the ice cream is sitting!! 

I've got to get my life back! 

I did exercise yesterday and today (does learning Hannah Montana's Hoedown Throwdown Dance count??) and I'll admit they were my more productive days. (Productive to a LOW standard...I never got out of my pj's)

Insanity is a 60 day workout which includes a nutrition plan.  That's just what I need.  I'm pretty sure B&J won't be showing up on the menu!  And it takes the work out of Meal ideas!  
The "normal ME" likes a good workout and can handle a challenge so this might kick my butt, but I'm really hoping that it kicks my butt in gear!

Maybe this will be enough to self-medicate the depression.??
I know it's crazy to do something as extreme as Insanity.  I hear it's HARD.  I'm actually excited to DO something for once!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We Did It!!

A picture says a million words!
A lot of people have asked me how I feel now that Sam has graduated.  Well, this picture sums it all up!  Great work Babe and welcome back!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

9 years of bliss

This month Sam and I are celebrating our 9th Anniversary!! Boy how time flies. I thought I would write up a beautiful tribute to my wonderful husband. And talk about the exciting adventures and wonderful years we’ve shared. You know, the kind that paints the perfect picture of the perfect man...
I just turned to find him sitting up on the couch with a book in hand, mouth open, dead asleep! Mind you, we were just having a conversation a few seconds ago. This image of him is quite funny. I stop to take a picture- because I was just about to describe that “perfect” picture- why not just post it? I thought how great would this blog be to have that pathetic picture! As I zoom in for the kill I am laughing audibly. As the shutter clicks he wakes up. How do I explain this one?
Oh wait....TIMBER! He falls over to the arm of the couch and is gone, ...AGAIN. All the romantic thoughts just ran out the door as I took pity on my hard working husband. My Friday night can’t get any better than this. I casually return to the computer to give him a few more seconds to soak up REM, then I check the camera to see if I captured the moment. What a bummer- no memory card!! Lucky Sam.
Here’s to an exciting 10th year ahead! :)