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Monday, February 25, 2013

My moment of fame?

This weekend Sam and I attended a benefit dinner for Rising Star Outreach 

I am so excited I got to attend this one for 2 reasons.

First, I always miss their events because head quarters are in Provo, Utah.
This time I moved to Utah one week before the event!

The second reason I was excited to go was because they showed my video I made from my first trip to work with the leprosy afflicted in India.

But it doesn't end there!  The singer/songwriter of the song I used, Bianca Merkley, was there and performed live during my video!!  How cool is that?

She sounded great too!

        Bianca Merkley!
I was excited to wear my Indian clothes, until I saw this picture!  Is it cliche to say these clothes make me look fat!!?  I'm so bummed about the turn out.  My hair!?!  What?  I've seen better days.  I looked so much better in my mind.  :)

Sally Read, President of Rising Star Outreach.  

I got started with this organization because of Sally!  I was her visiting teacher in New Canaan (before she became the Pres.)  You can read about that here.

I am so happy I live closer to this organization.  Working with them is so uplifting!
So, who wants to go to India with me??

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Recently I had a long conversation over the phone with my Mom.  
When we talk I hang up a better person.  Our conversations start out superficial; she asks me what I’m doing.  My response is always: “Cleaning the kitchen.”
Then somehow brilliance hits me and I find myself yapping away over all the thoughts that have been shut up in my head.
I’m basically spewing at the mouth while she patiently listens or eggs me on.

Our conversations are rarely short.  
I love them.  
They are like the hug you didn’t know you needed until you are wrapped up in caring arms.
It’s so refreshing.

During our last chat I realized what my new 30 day challenge is going to be.

I do a lot of work on the computer for Rising Star Outreach during the day and I always end my days journal writing/Blogging.
What my kids see is mom sitting at the computer.  Not mom working on the Lifting Leprosy campaign in India.

I could (and would) spend hours at the computer.  I LOVE what I do, but I can only avoid my mothering/housekeeping duties for so long.
I would rather send emails to reporters to publish stories about Rising Star than unload my dishwasher.
I would rather update my blogs than go to the grocery store.
I feel so much of my life is choosing BETTER or BEST.
I can talk myself right into justifying my time is well spent at the computer.  It’s for a noble cause, right?
Unfortunately, it’s sending the wrong message to my family.  I don’t want them to remember me as always being on the computer.  I would rather have them remember me as always being in the kitchen!  

I realized, while talking to mom, that I can be distracted by so many things when what I should be doing isn’t as ”FUN“ as what I want to be doing.

I know there is a healthy balance to both my passions of motherhood and Rising Star.  I just have to be smart about it.
So, my 30 day challenge is to be MOM when the kids are home.  
Not "mom on the computer."
Abi is still a great sleeper.  She takes 3-4 hour naps each day, so while she sleeps I can sneak some time during the day.

I feel so lucky to be conflicted between BETTER or BEST.  To me I have the best 2 jobs on earth, but there is a flaw that will destroy both.
Starting each day on my knees and in the BOM is good armor. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

In the News

I’ve had many sleepless nights this week.  Not because of too much chocolate, this time.  Yes, I still have a little one that wanders into my room almost nightly but he’s not the cause either.
This is why I can’t sleep: Read it here

Dani, from Rising Star called and asked me to Coordinate the Spring Session in India.  How can I refuse that?  I get to recruit people and then introduce them to the Rising Star Life!

Let me be clear, I’m losing sleep because I am so excited to bring my family!  I can’t believe I am returning already.  

I remember the day I left Rising Star last July. As I hugged Pam, the Director, she whispered in my ear;
 "I think we'll be seeing you again."  
I thought of her comments on the long ride to the airport and wondered why she said that.  My time in India was a once in a life time experience...or so I thought.

Now I climb in bed and my mind takes off to India.
Won’t you come with me?