Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tae Kwon Do

Yesterday Jarom passed another Tae Kwon Do test! He is now a Black & White belt. If all goes well he should earn his Black belt in May! Here is a picture of the belt ranks:

He was happy I finally stopped taking pictures.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bronx Zoo solved hearing problem!

"Lean over your plate."
"leave your shoes at the door."
"It's time for bed"
"Shut the door behind you."

I really thought my kids had selective hearing. It boggled my mind why I had to repeat things over and over during the day. A trip to the Bronx Zoo, yesterday, shed light on this apparent hearing problem. THEIR EARS ARE TOO SMALL!
I found a pair of ears that seemed to do the trick for all of them. Once these ears were placed on their heads they responded to whispers, and yells alike! Their concentration levels increased as well.
I came upon these ears just in time...School starts in a few weeks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New York Love

I admit I have done my fare share of parking illegally while in NY and paid a HEFTY fee for it, but this sign ought to do the trick. I think NYC is loosing money by being so direct here. What do you think? AHHH...New York Love!!
(Thanks for the picture Heather.)

Lifes securities

A certain someonee in the Hobi family has a few items that he carries with him more times than not.
It's similar to the baby blanket syndrome. Most mothers have at least one child that becomes attached to an item. And we fret and wonder if it's OCD or healthy for them to be connected with a "thing."
A mother with a child that sucks his thumb can fall back on: "He won't be sucking his thumb when he goes to College." We simply have to wait patiently to see when they grow out of it.
This can be cute when all is well but not when we have to call in a "Family Search" when an item is misplaced.
And it's a definite No, No to play with these items even if they were found in "Free Space!"
Having a doll, Binky, or a single toy on the radar can be exhausting for a mother! One afternoon I found someone unloaded the "buddies" onto the kitchen table,
and as I looked at them I felt a fondness toward them. I was seeing a personality in a little pile. They are bits and pieces of their owner.
I thought I'd take a picture of them to remember, in case he ever out grows them....

Sam is to his phone as a dog is to his collar.
Sam is to his watch as a woman is to her lipstick
Sam is to his wallet as a yo-yo is to a string

Jarom' s Triathlon

Jarom took it to the swim, bike, and run! He was awesome. It was so fun to see him try this new sport. He took 2nd over all! Go Jarom!!
He swam 50 meters, biked 1 mile, and ran .5 miles

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cottage Vacation

Once upon a time a family took a weeks vacation in a little cottage along a big beautiful Lake of New York.
Each day they woke up to the birds singing and a full day ahead of them to do as they pleased. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was served on the porch overlooking the water. They played at the beach until late afternoon then visited the playground, fished, or rode bikes. Evenings were quiet, bed time came when the sun went down. Kids fell asleep to bedtime stories that sometimes lasted over an hour. On the last day of this vacation they went to an Amusement Park where roller coasters, flying swings, and water slides sent them home in a complete exhausted state of bliss. And they lived Happily Ever After.....
Until the youngest awoke the next morning to find he was back home in his OWN bed and climbed down from his top bunk and marched into mommies bed demanding they return to camp! "I don't want to be in my own bed! I want to be at camp!"