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Monday, September 10, 2007

Jen leaves for College...I mean Pre-School

Today is Jen's 1st day of Pre-School!!
She was very excited to go this morning. The problem was, she didn't have school this MORNING, she goes at 12:30pm. She thought she was leaving the same time Jarom was going, at 8am! Yes, it was a sad moment at the bus stop when she realized she was walking back home with me.
The time finally arrived but the poor girl was late because we had to wait for Jarom to get home from Kindergarten. ( it turned out the original bus driver called in sick so the new driver got lost which made the arrival of Princess Jen a little on the LATE side the 1st day of school.) She didn't have any problems leaving me. It would have been just as well if she gave me the finger as she walked into class. :)
The following 3 hours were quiet! :)
When I picked her up she ran to the door to greet me. But before she actually made it to the door she triped in true Jennica fashion and just about took the teacher out. The first thing she said was; "I made a necklace mom!" holding up two beaded necklaces. "One is for me and the other one is for my....(looking into my eyes with a slight concern) BABYDOLL!" I think she was relieved with my responce just as I was relieved by her comment.
As we were walking to the car she announced: "Mom, I met Lucifer today!" Just my luck......