Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where I come From...

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Where I come from the sky is BIG and it’s always sunny.
I don’t notice the sky so much here. It’s usually through the trees to be seen. But I am very aware of the weather -each day is a new surprise.

Where I come from the sun is HOT first thing in the morning.
Not so much here. It takes the good part of the morning to warm up. A Jacket is always handy.

Where I come from you don’t get a lot of rain.
Here, mystifying fog hangs over the ground early in the morning or late afternoon indicating a Thunderstorm is in the making.

Where I come from EVERYONE is at church on Sunday.
As we drive to church here we pass school fields full of baseball games, lacrosse, soccer, or swim meets, walkers, runners, & bikers.

Where I come from there are a few different denominations.
We have a place here called “God’s Acre” where several churches are built.

Where I come from Stucco is what most houses are built of with cacti, rocks and a little grass for landscaping.
Here white picket fences, bridges, gates, or stone walls adore your landscape of the charming New England style homes.

Where I come from you run into someone you know at least everywhere you go.
I consider myself lucky if I recognize someone while shopping ALL day long.

Where I come from there are neighborhoods complete with sidewalks and a set of grandparents.
No such luck here. Homes are dispersed here and there. Up a hill, over this pond, behind these trees, or around the bend. Sidewalks and neighborhoods don’t mix.

Where I come from you can get a great haircut at Fantastic Sam’s and for a great deal.
Here you can get a terrible hair cut and REALLY pay for it.

Where I come from a family of 3 is relatively small.
Three kids here requires a nanny, maid, and Pre-school!

Where I come from swim lessons for kids are a full hour and several weeks long for $30.
Here I can buy a single 30min lessons for $30.

Where I come from you don’t see mailboxes at each residence anymore.
Here I greet my mail man every afternoon on my steps.

Where I come from Pre-school tuition is $300-$450 a year.
Here it is the same as BYU tuition. $6000
(For your 4 year old to scribble with paints!)

Where I come from daycare at a Gym is $1 a kid.
My local gym is $5.75 an hour!

Where I come from Rhodes Rolls are sold everywhere.
None, nada, nowhere here!

Where I come from Spring shows up in March/April and is there to stay.
She isn’t here to stay till May-ish.

Where I come from a fast food chain is unavoidable.
Not one exists in my town! (hooray)

Where I come from a sunset can be seen.
Here I watch the sun disappear behind the trees... and sometime later it gets dark.

Where I come from you don’t hear church bells ringing at noon each day and Sunday mornings like I do here.

Where I come from you don’t see the colors of a rainbow in the trees during Fall.

The life I live here on the East Coast compared to my life in the West is FULL of contrast.

Nonetheless, I prefer it here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Three meals a day use to be enough to fuel my life. That was a few pounds ago and several weeks ago.

I made meal plans on-the- go, went shopping sporadically and most the time felt eating was a burden.

I've never liked the time or energy meal time requires.

Eating was something that had to take place to satisfy grumpy attitudes, ensure a peaceful sleep or fuel to move on with the day.

That was then.

Now it’s quite different for me.

Now I wake up at 4:30am stumbling to the kitchen in hopes Martha Stewart has a snack waiting for me. Only to wake up to the reality that avocado on toast is what I really get.

Now, I can’t jump out of bed quick enough to begin a hearty breakfast for both me and the kids.

Now, I am in the kitchen scavenging through the fridge 24/7.

Now, I visit the grocery store every other day because I have new idea’s for meals or snacks.

Now, I am starving all day long.

Now I am eating for two!

Hobi Baby #4 due to arrive next Spring!