Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some days....

I spent most the morning on my hands and knees mopping my hard wood floors.

While I was down there I wiped the floorboards, walls, and any cabinets I came across.

Then I vacuumed, loaded the dishwasher, made dinner, and took out the trash.

Why is today so much different than yesterday?

Yesterday, I couldn't get ANYTHING done.
Yesterday was painful. I’m not sure why, but it was.

I’m glad today is better.

As I was mopping away, I got thinking about all the chores mothers do.

How on Earth do we do it?

Mothers are responsible for a lot of things.

There’s the obvious things like laundry and dishes that never go away, but what about the list of “other” things.

Things like plants to water, books to read, bills to pay, walls to clean, baths to give, sheets to change, lunches to pack,
and a billion other things.

Running a home is a lot of work.

I am so glad I LOVE my job....most the time.

Some days I don’t get out of my pj’s and the house is a disaster.

Some days I have everything perfectly organized and I amuse myself.

Some days I sit and read with my kids other days I avoid them.

I’m happy I have a house to take care of and kids to call my own.

The only way I can survive the load is to realize,

Some days are just better than others.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little Change...

I'm in the mood for change in my blogging world.
A Change in style,
A Change in writing,
A Change in location.

Visit me here while I find my new groove!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Officer Hobi Reports for Duty

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Jace was invited to visit a Police Station. As you can see- it was ALL BUSINESS!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Biggest Looser

As mentioned before, I joined a “Biggest Looser” competition.

The timing was perfect- 6 weeks after my baby!

This competition is just what I needed.
(Although, many say it isn’t fair that I am loosing Pregnancy weight. Whatever you call this stuff, it needs to come off!)

Every Monday I have to report my weight.
I am down 20 pounds!
I have managed to loose an average of 3 pounds a week, simply by eating smart!
(I am NOT dieting. I am eating a lot! )

By Wednesday the results for the previous week are posted.
This is a very important day for me. It gives me another nudge to keep going when I see where I stand with the other 45 competitors.

This week I am in 3rd Place, last week I was in 2nd place.
(I fell off the wagon!)

This competition goes on for another 4 weeks.

I have been in the Top 5 Overall throughout the competition. I never considered WINNING the competition. I just knew it would be a good motivator. Being this close to the end with more pounds to loose, Sam gave me extra motivation.

“If you take 1st place, I’ll give you a reward worth the effort” he tempted.

My minds eye is envisioning a BEACH, or Airline ticket to the West, kitchen tools, or new camera!?

Whatever it is, it will be great. I know it will, because Sam doesn’t have the same disorder I have called Gift Challenged.
He’s pretty darn good at spoiling me.

So I’m up and running with new found determination!

Abi is three months old now and I am at my pre pregnancy weight!!!

This has never been the case with my other babies! It took a long time to loose it.

Granted, my body doesn’t look the same but I am back to my starting weight.

For the record, I was a good 10 “fluffy” pounds over my ideal weight when I got pregnant, so I still have another 10lbs to go.

Looking forward to hard workouts!

To be continued....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Day in Photos

I Love Summer.

This morning Jarom and Abi read a book

Jace was off fighting/being a "Bad Guy"

This afternoon I played a game of P-I-G with Jarom while Abi napped.

But she didn't sleep long so she hung out with me in the kitchen.

During her "Longer" nap I cleaned up the Porch...I LOVE the Porch!

This Evening I turned on the sprinkler in an attempt to revive our lawn that died during the heat wave last week.
Jace and Jarom both ended up in it also.

Then I made dinner for the boys and Abi helped me make yummy granola!

At Dusk the boys went out for one last duel.

And I watched sweet Abi fall fast alseep in my arms.

Did I mention, I LOVE Summer?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nocturnal Reader

Dear Dad,

It rained ALL day yesterday, so in order to avoid the fix-it man doing repairs,
we watched an unhealthy amount of movies- but we did make a trip to the Library!

I turned in at 8:45pm- I was plum tuckered! (I haven't figured out why, yet.)
Jarom and Jace were on the way to bed when I closed my bedroom door
with the plea that a certain little boy not disturb me.

I fell asleep quickly but awoke sometime later and heard the boys giggling.

"Ahh, it's summer. Let them be" I thought. And rolled over again.

This morning when I left my bedroom I found different sized stools littering the hallway.

I didn't think much of it till I peeked into the boys room and found books strewn across the floor.
There in the middle of the pile was the reason for the stools.


Jarom found my hiding spot for all the HP books in the linen closet!
He laughed about it this morning.
He said it took him a long time to figure out how to reach them in the dark.

I wonder how long he stayed up?
Should I care that we have a son who is a nocturnal reader?
What parent has to hide books to get their kid to go to bed?

I'm sure I'll be begging for days like this in no time.

I hope you and Jen are having a great time.
She called me this morning and said you two had a reading party last night too!
(Humm....where do they get it?)

The boys are keeping it real here. We've played basketball, star wars, trains, and puzzles.

Don't eat too much sweets! (but if you do bring home the extra!)

Miss you,


Jarom and Abi seem to have so much fun together!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jennica's Baptism Trip

In the Hobi Home when a child turns seven they get to go on a
Baptism Trip with Dad, and Dad only.

This morning Jen left on this Trip.

Dad keeps the location of the trip a secret till they are on the way.
(But we've decided it will be the same trip for all of them.)

I took her to the grocery store last night to pick out her traveling treats.
Her pick was chocolate covered pretzles and lemonade.

They are on their way to Palmyra NY to watch the Pageant and see the Joseph Smith sites.

I gave her a camera to take pictures of their adventures. I can't wait to hear all about it!

It's me and the boys for a few days! (and sweet Abi of course!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The porch

This Evening was a fun one.
Jennica and I jump roped up the hill for exercise then jogged back home.

Then we sat on the porch to cool off.

I love our porch. It's perfect in the evening,

Jen played Beauty Shop with my hair while I watched a skunk wander in our backyard and wondered what I would do if my kids got sprayed.

It's great having this backyard. It's home to a lot of animals. Each day we watch for deer and have even seen a wild turkey and now a SKUNK!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lump on a log

Tonight I am home alone with the baby.

The rest of the family is gone camping.

I have been looking forward to this night probably as much as the kids have.

I imagined myself going shopping and not having to rush home to make dinner or

Staying up late blogging the many thoughts I’ve mentally put on my To Blog list.

Instead, I sit in my quiet house BORED.

I can’t think of anything witty or clever to write.

I shop online instead of going out.

I even turn on a kid movie for background noise.

I’m all out of sorts right now.

I’ve never been so disappointed about going to bed before.

Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll have a better time....before they return.

Photos: Sam reconsidering his dessert.
Our 4th of July treats

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Toothina

Dear Toothina,

Last Night Jarom lost a tooth.
You came.
You left Money.
and you left the TOOTH!

A few months ago Jennica left you a note.
She is still waiting for a reply.

In the past you have been a great fairy....
Are you ok?
This isn’t like you. Are you ill?

If you are sick, I understand.
I suffer from “Baby Brain.”

I thought maybe you might be suffering from “baby Brain” too.
It happens to the best of us.

Jarom is trying to get double prizes.
His tooth is under the pillow again.

Maybe you could install Central Air instead of leaving money.
I won’t tell.

With Love,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Like Rockers...

I don't like Rock music.
It's too much noise for my enjoyment.
I never have and at this rate, I never will.

BUT, recently I have been pleased with the "ROCK" fans.

I have this shirt:

I bought it for a costume party.
Now I wear it to the gym and around the house.

Last week at the gym a "Rocker" greeted me at 6:30am with a kind smile and
followed up with a "ROCK ON!"
It didn't register that he was talking to me until I was several steps away.
Right then I was a "Stuck Up Rocker."

Today I wore the shirt again, a little embarrassed while I ran my errands. (A few too many)
The guy at the Dump liked my shirt....obvious "Rocker"
The grandma at the Library didn't.
The Man at Costco liked My shirt...he even helped me load two AC Units in my car!
The young kid working at Home Depot liked it,
and the Cashier who checked me out (literally) like it too.

It's amazing what message you send with the clothes you wear.

All the "Rockers" were really kind to me today.


(I'm so not a rocker!)