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Friday, January 20, 2012

In the News

I’ve had many sleepless nights this week.  Not because of too much chocolate, this time.  Yes, I still have a little one that wanders into my room almost nightly but he’s not the cause either.
This is why I can’t sleep: Read it here

Dani, from Rising Star called and asked me to Coordinate the Spring Session in India.  How can I refuse that?  I get to recruit people and then introduce them to the Rising Star Life!

Let me be clear, I’m losing sleep because I am so excited to bring my family!  I can’t believe I am returning already.  

I remember the day I left Rising Star last July. As I hugged Pam, the Director, she whispered in my ear;
 "I think we'll be seeing you again."  
I thought of her comments on the long ride to the airport and wondered why she said that.  My time in India was a once in a life time experience...or so I thought.

Now I climb in bed and my mind takes off to India.
Won’t you come with me?