Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Business of the Tooth Fairy

When I was a child I loved the fantasy world. I could imagine I was someone else or somewhere else for hours on end.
I loved the magic of Christmas, and especially the TOOTH FAIRY.

I loved the thought that I was going to get a special visitor. It was only for ME. This personal attention went a long way with me.
I would arrange all my stuffed animals on the bed in the perfect spot (because I was sure they came alive while I slept) wear my cutest nightgown and try to look perfect as I drifted off to dreamland, impatiently awaiting to see if the fairy really knew I lost a tooth that day.

I didn’t care so much about the money. I can’t even remember weather I got pennies or dollars. It was more about the mystery of a FAIRY knowing me and visiting ME. When I awoke the next morning and found loot under my pillow my whole body would fill with a thrill of excitement. A FAIRY knows me!! A FAIRY saw me last night!! How did she do it? I didn’t hear a thing!

Last week Jarom lost his front tooth. Two days later he lost his other front tooth and a few days after that Jennica lost a bottom tooth.
The Hobi’s are keeping the Tooth Fairy in business!

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Being one that loved the whole Fairy experience as a child, I sure don’t envy her job anymore. I’m not sure why, but I really dislike the thought of that job!

We have a GREAT tooth fairy. Her name is Toothina. (She looks a lot like my sister.)

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She is rather punctual, except for one tooth. She missed a visit with Jarom but followed up the next night with a lovely letter and apology. She even responded to a class project for Jarom with a 2 page report and picture explaining her family line and duties. (Photo above)
We learned her Mother was my tooth fairy! And when the Hobi kids have kids her kid will be their fairy. (It stays in the family)

So back to my issue about her job... I find it too intense to have to sneak into their rooms after they have gone to sleep. This must mean a very LATE hour because what kid goes right to sleep when they are expecting a visitor that night??

What would happen if they woke up on her? What would she say? She couldn’t pretend to be tucking them into bed...SHE’S A FAIRY!!
WHat happens when she gets to their bed and she can’t find the tooth! How on earth is she to search under the pillow their huge head is atop of?
And what determines the amount for each tooth? How can she remember what she gave for the last tooth or even the older sibling??

It’s stressful enough for me to keep track of their tooth before nightfall. My kids are usually so excited about the lost tooth that they misplace them. I panic and spend the evening on my hands and knees searching for the tiny tooth so they wouldn’t miss out on the experience later that night.

By my bed time I am exhausted, as I crawl into bed I am thankful the Hobi’s have an awesome Tooth Fairy and pray the kids will stop loosing teeth so quickly and hope they won't catch her that night!

Being a Tooth Fairy isn't what I signed up for! I so glad I chose to be a Mom instead!

** One night the Tooth Fairy had called a substitute to do the job because she was out to a “Fairy Training” Upon returning she found a note on HER pillow expressing the job wasn’t done with the substitute snoring away in bed.
It’s a tough job!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visit to Santa 09

Today was another magical day.
It started out like a usual school morning but Sam and I had a trick up our sleeve.

The kids were dressed for school and herded into the car, but instead of dropping them off to school I told them I was kidnaping them for the day. Of course they didn't believe me till I actually drove past the school.
Chants and cheers roared from the back seat when we announced we were going into NYC to visit Santa at Macy's.

We spent an hour in line for Santa, which the kids endured very well. There were plenty of Elves and attractions to look at as we wandered through the "North Pole."

Santa was happy to see us. The kids were happy to see Santa. Oddly enough no one had much to say once they were sitting on his lap.

When he asked what they wanted for Christmas Jace answered a hammer (????!!!) Jennica wasn't sure and Jarom mentioned something about his missing two front teeth.

Pictures were taken and we were escorted out into the not as magical land of Macy's again. Throughout the department store there were "Mail Stations" where you could write a letter to Santa and drop it into the mail box. We took a seat and each of us wrote our list. Jennica was still stumped at the wishes to make, Jarom once again asked for Star Wars toys, 3rd year in a row, and Jace requesting that darn hammer!

Next we took to the Subway and headed for China town to enjoy a lunch of dumplings at our favorite Restaurant Joe's Shanghi.

It was a beautiful day in the City. The sky was blue the sun was bright but Christmas was in the air.
The kids had a great time. So did I.

(Click on pictures for larger view)
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On my way home

In a few hours I'm back to the airport. Back to life.

Is it bad that I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 days away?

Is it bad that didn't miss my kids at all? (I knew they were perfectly safe with dad)

Last night was the only night I didn't sleep well.

I lay awake thinking of all the things I would be faced with when I return.

I'm amazed at how easy it was for me to shut it all out when I walked out of my home.

I needed this quiet, slow time away.

Hopefully I'll give more tender hugs and have a rejuvenated bounce in my step when I return....

after I give dad a BIG THANK YOU!!! (and send him off to the gym)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Trip

From one end of the Country

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To the other

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I'm in Heaven in both places!


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For the past five days I have been away.

Away from schedules, email and my family.

My stay in California has been so peaceful. I do what 2 month old Olivia does.

My days have been filled with naps, feedings, kisses and SUN.

Naps for myself, feedings from great resturants, and kisses for my brand new niece Olivia, in the warm SUN!

I’m not sure why I packed a bag. I’ve been in my pj’s most the time.

One morning Olivia seemed to be on New York time so she and I sat together in her room and played till the sun came up, while her mom and dad slept on.

I enjoyed this moment with her. Perhaps, because I wasn’t a new mother deprived of sleep, banking on each baby blink to be the last for another few hours of desperatly needed rest.

I loved holding, kissing and rocking her as the morning light changed the shadows on the wall.

I held her in my arms long after she fell asleep and watched her breath.

Babies are so wonderful.

Olivia has brought to surface many memories of my own babies. The grunts, the smells, the burps and toots.

It all came back to me.

I haven’t been a new mother in a long time but it all came back so naturally.

Feeling my own little one nudge and push within is a sweet reminder that my “mothering nights” are not over.

I am so thankful for that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Freaky Friday's

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I am not a big fan of Halloween, but for the kids I try to have a little fun with it.
This year’s October theme was Freaky Friday’s!

Each Friday in Oct we would do something “Halloweenish.“
The First Friday of the month I surprised the kids with a decorated house. Our BIG spider from last year went up again in the Entry. I found a fun Shower curtain and hand towels for the bathroom and stickers for their bedroom windows.

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Other weeks we had a Freaky Friday family dinner by candle light or a freaky Friday Movie night.
Each Friday after school snack was something yummy like donuts and apple cider, muffins or pie!

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Halloween turned out ok. We went out early because we wanted to be home early. We were knocking on doors by 5pm and back home by 6pm.

After just one neighborhood all three of our kids looked like zombies. No smiles, no running from door to door. Just bored to death looks on their faces. They were the party poopers this year. Before long they were asking, ”How much longer?”
We did two small streets total and called it quits.
Called in for Indian food and headed home for dinner and a movie.

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Once we got home it became clear Jarom was not feeling well. Fever.

We all snuggled on the living room floor with our candy and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The kids were in bed by 8pm.

My kind of Halloween!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

it's all MY fault

Today was one of THOSE days for me. It rubbed me the wrong way at 6am when Jennica stood at my bedside whispering like a broken record: “Mom, is today a day off?” Increasing her volume with each chant.
Indeed today was a day off for the kids, because of Election Day, but turned out to be everything but that for me!!

At Family Scripture study it was all MY fault that it was cold, or someone was hungry.

At breakfast it was all my fault the Orange Juice had a mango flavor added to it.

After bath time it was all MY fault someone’s clothes were all wet because they didn’t dry off with the towel first.

It was all MY fault that bedrooms were a mess and needed attention!

By 8:30am I managed to really mess things up in our home!

While I was braiding Jennica’s hair I tried to convince myself things would get better. I sang “There is sunshine in my Soul Today” while she yelled at me, and while Jace and Jarom were fighting in the hall. It was picture perfect family chaos!
I saw Sam walk past the door on his way out to work and for once wished I were in his shoes. I bet he felt good about going to work at that moment too.

I put myself in Time Out a few times today and wondered if today is a result of a Pregnancy Moment or were my kids really that bad?
As I sit here locked in my room, snuggled in bed eating dounuts and blogging, I can’t help but admit IT IS ALL MY FAULT. I am having a pregnancy moment that is lasting a little too long.
If Mama ain’t happy aint nobody happy!

I need a vacation and how lucky am I that I have one coming up this weekend!!
I’m off to Sunny California ALONE to visit my Sis-in-law and her new baby!
My bags are packed. And I think my kids will be happy to see me go too.

Today I had my anatomy Ultrasound and thought it would be nice to bring the kids along. (I thought that yesterday, today I felt no such feelings)
I managed to make a mess of that too. I was kindly informed (with an irritated tone) that the Hospital will not allow visitors under the age of 18, due to the Swine Flu problems, but they would make exceptions for me JUST for today. (Did they think I’d want to come back tomorrow with all my kids and just hang out??)
I took that as her kind way of telling me she was irritated I had 3 kids with me coughing in her office.
I get that. I was irritated I had three kids with me too!
And who would believe me if I told them my child had not be coughing ALL morning till that moment in her office?

So, there I sat admiring Hobi baby #4 during the ultra sound with my other THREE buzzing around the room, more interested in what’s in my purse and all those buttons on the machine than the black and white movements on the TV.
Why did I think they would be into this?
I had to explain everything to Jace. He was a little freaked out that the baby was in the TV and not my belly anymore!
Then I had to enforce the Quiet game with a huge bribe so they would stop asking questions and let me and the doctor get through the session.

Hobi baby #4 is looking good. All parts are there, with a special request not to reveal the “Private Parts.” At one moment I felt it was a boy and I was thrilled, but before long I changed my mind and thought it was a girl and felt equally thrilled. I can’t wait (but I will) to see what #4 will be.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it won’t blame ME for everything, right?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mom and Me.

I am the sixth out of seven from the Taylor Tribe. I have five brothers and one sister.
I lived life in the fast lane always trying to keep up or act “Big enough.”

No matter how you dice it I am the “little sister.” Although I am thirty years old, with a family of my own, I don’t think my family see’s me as I really am.

That’s the price you pay to live out of state.

I wonder, sometimes, what it would be like to have family close by. What would it be like to bump into them at the gym or at church? It would be nice to have lunch with the sister-in-laws, have my kids play with their cousins, or even enjoy a vacation with them.

To my family I am still Little Emmy. The sister that left town over a decade ago. Perhaps they remember me like I remember them- as they were when I left.

I don’t have the day to day reminders of “life” to keep perspective on who they are. Likewise, I fear when they think of me they remember tomboy Em, out riding bikes with the boys.

I get a dose of their lives when I return for a summer. I meet the new babies and introduce mine. I step into their sunny world and watch them as their routines stay the same and life goes on. All the while I struggle to fit in with the time change, and all the other unexpected events of being a guest without complete control over your situation.

When I leave, I return to a world unknown to most of them. A world very different from the life they live and the life I once knew.

They have no idea what my life is like out here. They don’t know who my friends are, what my community is like or my invlovement in any of it. Part of that is nice but it can be a bit lonely.

A few weeks ago, my mom stepped into part of my world. A visit unlike any before.

She came for a week and witnessed what my life is really like. She learned things about me you can’t tell about yourself.

She saw what a typical morning is like before school. She saw the paths I walk each morning, she saw the kids at soccer practice.
She saw the streets I drive up and down daily, my flowers, my trees, my garden and my door decoration.
She saw my grocery store, my church, our school, and my garage!
She listened to my music, my kids read and play the piano, fight and love each other.
She witnessed my creative moments and my crazy moments.

We talked all day long while doing laundry, dishes, dinner and bedtime routines.
Most of our nights ended with me falling asleep in my recliner. (sometimes in mid-secentance)

My mom saw Me. She knows who I am, what I live for, my passions, and my family.

It felt good to be seen.

Thanks mom, for taking time to step into my world!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Horribly perfect Day

Today I did not like my kids. I sat with them during Stake Conference and contemplated locking them up in an empty classroom.

I envisioned myself walking away from the pew and never returning.

I wanted to take the bag stuffed with coloring books, picture books, Friend Magazines, and other tricks to entertain their minds for two hours, and BONK them on the head!

I wanted to take the bottle of water (that I brought for ME) and dump it all over Jennica so she would know what it felt like after she carelessly spilled on me twice.

I even thought about walking up to the podium with the Choir even though I’ve NEVER sang in a Choir! But I knew the result of that would be just as tragic.

I was in a tough spot.

How could I possibly sit through another moment with these grumpy kids?

There I sat with a child on my pregnant lap, nylons too tight, water spilled down my side and two other kids bringing out the fists if the other touched them!

Once Conference was over I bolted out of there. Not even looking back to see if my crew was in tow.
I was on a mission. I wanted my own space- in the passenger seat.

The 45 min. drive home through rural NY was Heaven Sent. I slowly forgot my frustrations as I took in the beauty of Autumn. Today was a perfect day.

Beautiful enough to put a smile back on my face and love inside my heart for my children by the time I got home.

I love the Fall. I wish I could capture this remedy in a bottle. I know a day like today could solve any of my moody moments.

Nothing compares to a Fall in Connecticut.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vermont (click on the collage to view)

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Last weekend, right after Jarom's baptism, we rushed home, changed our clothes, packed our bags and piled into the car for a surprise Road Trip.

We drove a few hours to Sharon, Vermont, the Birthdaplace of Joseph Smith. Traveling to this small town was worth the drive- not only for the magnificent beauty and great pictures I captured, but for the feeling I felt when I stepped out of the car! The property is filled with music. The ambiance was Heavenly. The monument and visitors center were inspiring.

We stayed the night and enjoyed Sunday morning church at the Mission Home with fellow campers and missionaries.
This place was beautiful in so many ways. I was overcome with gratitude for this man while reviewing his life through paintings.
This was the perfect Mini-trip after a baptism. We are so lucky to have lived near so many important church sites.
We lived in Ohio near Kirtland, now we are in the mix of so much church history from Vermont to New York.
We hope to see Navoo soon.

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We were happy Grandma Trena was able to join us on the adventure. I was especially happy because I made her take my family pictures. The colors were AMAZING!!!!!! The kids desire for posing-not so amazing.
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Check out my growing belly in the photo with Jen. I told mom my baby was only the size of an apple and her reply was: "Yeah, you mean a barrel of apples!" I am clearly showing more than I should. (I am 15 weeks in the photo)
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Saturday, October 17, 2009


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Last Saturday Jarom was baptized. Where did the time go? I find it odd I am a mother to an eight year old.
He is such a fun boy. I love that he has a tender heart. He hates to see anyone or anything get hurt.

He is such a good kid. He really does know the scriptures and love them. I am amazed when I listen to him have conversations with his dad about the Book of Mormon. Everything he reads sticks in his mind. Sam and Jarom have a game where Sam quizzes Jarom on the Characters of the BOM. Jarom is tough to stump.
Recently Jarom has learned a lot about Joseph Smith. His tender heart already holds a special place for that Prophet.

I feel very blessed to have Jarom as my child. I learn so much from him already. He is such a good brother.

This day was a special day in the Hobi home.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Jarom's 8th bday

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Ok, so it has been a while since I have posted. I have had a lot to celebrate this past month. We started out by celebrating Jarom's 8th birthday.
This has been a big year for him. He was so excited to turn eight. For his birthday we gave him his very own set of scriptures. He LOVED (and still does) love them! His other gifts were a basketball, watch, and bucket of soliders. So easy to please at this age.
Our traditional birthday breakfast celebration of pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles was a hit.
That evening the family ate his favorite meal... dumplings.
The Next week more celebrating to come. Grandma Trena is coming to visit and attend his baptism.....

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