Monday, May 11, 2009

Please Pass the Kidney Stones!!!

Six years ago I had the pleasure of passing Kidney stones while 7 months pregnant.
It was not a fun experience.

Here I am again experiencing “Back Labor” pains without the fruits of a perfect child sent from God.
Instead, I wait for a tiny pebble as trophy.

My Kidneys really don't like me right now!

Water, water, water,water. I have had enough water!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am my Mom

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One day I woke up and I sneezed like my mom. I sounded just like her.
I laughed about it then tucked the sweet memory of my mothers sneeze in my back pocket.

Another day I gave out a "Whoop!" of excitement; and at the moment it left my mouth I looked around to see if anyone else had heard my mother. Sure enough, my husband announced; “Who invited your mother here?”
Again, I laughed at the incident and remembered my mothers quick involvement to fun.

I stood in the kitchen one morning scrubbing away at a stubborn pan when I realized my lips were tucked in, face tight, holding my breath just like I’ve seen my mother do when she is focused on a physical task.
I pull this face often but it is easily removed when I laugh about where I got it.

I danced with my kids in the living room only to have them fall to the floor laughing, just as I had done to mother when she would feel the groove. My every move felt just like my mother!

In attempt to describe, in detail, my exciting day to my husband I found my hands showing just as much excitement as they opened and paused and pointed with each expression. In mid-motion, I “felt“ like my mother in every way.

After offering a ”high five” to my 6 year old daughter, I smiled when her leg bent and went up too (like she was going to kick)
just as my mother can’t seem to give a simple high five...she adds a little “umph” to it.

My beautiful mother has left imprints all over my life. I am so happy I can remember her just by being me!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Cupcakes

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I saw these on a Blog, and made them for
a friends baby shower.
Check out the site for details how to make.
Baby stuff is always fun!
I am a cupcake girl.

(Kayla, these are for you. If I lived closer I'd deliver this to your house tonight! Enjoy!!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nutrition Mission

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Imagine a food enhancer you can add to your child’s food that will excite their brain and make them want to eat more!
An enhancer that can make DIRT taste great.
Sounds great, right! Spinach, Brussels sprouts... NO PROBLEM!

Would you use it?

Would you use it if it overexcites nerve impulses making it difficult to control emotions?

Regardless of your answer, you and your child are victims of this enhancer.

If you have Ranch Dressing in your fridge, use croutons on your salad, eat at KFC (or ANY fast food), or use Cream of Chicken Soup you are getting a hefty dose of this enhancer.
It’s in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Especially if you eat out)

Welcome to MSG.

Since being introduced to this enhancer I run into it everywhere I turn.

So, what’s the big deal, right?

Think back to your elementary days. Were you in a class full of kids with learning disabilities, allergies, and cancer?
I can’t remember a single one.

I live in a community where Latex balloons are not allowed in a school building because of allergies.
nuts aren’t allowed in the classroom, and it’s a big No, No, (I repeat) No, No, to bring cupcakes to celebrate a birthday or holiday.

What’s happened? Why is every class a victim of allergies and learning disabilities now?

I did a little reading on MSG. I remember hearing I should avoid it while pregnant and I’ve seen a few products proudly announcing it did NOT contain MSG.

So, what is it?

According to this

MSG is an excitotoxin in the brain, it over stimulates the brain causing the production of excessive amounts of dopamine. This creates a drug like rush that provides a brief sensation of well being. It is highly addictive, causing it’s consumers to keep coming back for more and over eating. In process, brain cells are destroyed.

Cooperation's love MSG because it makes cheap ingredients taste great.

MSG gets you to eat more.


Doesn’t that sound like a brilliant plan? Corporation's have figured out how to cut costs by selling low quality food loaded with MSG to maintain taste and make a huge profit from it; all the while we are becoming addicted and return for more!

I have read that small doses of MSG is not harmful, but where do you draw the line? If MSG is in EVERYTHING you are not getting a small dose.
If your kid eats a hamburger or chicken nuggets for lunch from a fast food chain it’s in their system. But what about the bag of chips or crackers for a snack? Most likely it has found it’s way into breakfast and dinner.

I went through my fridge and read the labels to all the dressings and threw out ALL of them!
I am a big fan of Ranch dressing -but not anymore.

It doesn’t have to be in EVERYTHING! It’s just a convenient way for corporations to make a profit.

I can find alternative options. I just have to read labels and shop smart.

I use to walk into a grocery store and see so many possibilities. Now I walk into a grocery store and see the lack of possibilities.

It frustrates me to no end that the FDA is approving junk. Just because a product is FDA approved doesn’t mean it is safe.

Thus, my Nutrition Mission evolved. I have so much to learn. I have thrown out a lot of food that isn’t safe for my family.
I know to some people this sounds crazy. I’m over reacting.

It just makes sense to me to eat natural foods. I don’t think eating fast food and foods with MSG will kill my least not today.

I DO believe it will shorten our lives and make them more complicated with health issues.
All because someone wants to make a buck.

It DOESN’T have to be in so many foods!

If the movie Super Size Me didn’t scare you, take a closer look at MSG and why they add it to EVERYTHING!!

I have a child that nutrition really make a difference with. I can almost predict crazy behavior 10-15 minuets after she eats certain foods. It's my job as her mom to offer her foods that will benefit her growth NOT hinder it.
It's additives like this that make my life and hers harder to enjoy. I can see by looking at her that something is not right.
I'm going to get to the bottom of this!

I am thrilled a movie is coming out this summer titled FOOD INC. I saw the preview and felt my frustrations had a voice!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

ME, My Bike & Manhattan


Yesterday I took a day off being Mom and drove into Manhattan for a bike ride.
Once the kids were loaded on the school bus I loaded my bike, and was on my way!

The rest of the afternoon Manhattan was my Playground. My friend, Heather, and I didn't have an agenda we just rode away.
It was a perfect day to bike.

I realized there are a lot of possibilities for a morning in the City.

Here are a few things I saw:

The Intrepid

Preschool Field Trip

A sad hole where the twin towers should be-
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Sailing School

"Stroller Boot Camp"
All these mommies were gathered along the Hudson River, strollers all lined up, working their Abs to the encouragements of a good looking fit Man, with an accent.

Statue of Liberty
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and then I saw THIS.....


That's when we decided to bike the Brooklyn Bridge.
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We really worked up an appetite. You can imagine my excitement when we found this PIZZA Restaurant!


The BEST part about this restaurant is they DON'T sell slices. That only meant one thing.....A WHOLE PIZZA!!!
This pizza IS the BEST pizza I've had. (and I have had a few slices of Pizza in my lifetime)

If you're ever in Brooklyn check this place out!



When we arrived we were seated immediately. Once we left there was a line to get in.
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Here is a map where I started (60th street) and ended (Brooklyn Bridge).
I followed the Hudson River down to the bridge, and back again to my car.

Brooklyn Bridge
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I returned home just as the kids got off the bus,
Everything was perfect.

I had so much fun, I'm already plotting my next adventure!