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Thursday, February 2, 2012


I heard today that the silly Groundhog, we named a national holiday after, is right only 39% of the time!
That seems a bit odd to me.  Why on earth do we give that varmint a spot on the calendar?

39% doesn't fly in this house.
39% on homework means NO FOOTBALL
39% on meals means we are starving!
39% dressed means you're more than half NAKED!

39% isn't good!!

Jace wondered why they had school on Groundhog day.
I wonder why we have groundhog day!

And that movie Groundhog Day...(I won't go into it)  BUT
if I had to re-live today over and over my favorite part would be swimming with Jennica.  She is a hoot!
I love that she feels like a friend when we hang out.

So, Phil says another 6 weeks of winter?
I'm alright with that.  This winter is awesome!