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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shoes to fill

I watched my two small kids chase each other through the house.
Around and around they went, laughing with each step.  Being the "wise- and- all- knowing- mother" I could see the disaster begin to unfold.
After so many laps through the kitchen one of them was sure to knock their head on the counter corner or slam into a doorway.   
The odds were going against them as the minuets ticked by.

Why did I think something like that might eventually happen?  
Been there.  Done that.
Is that the Mantra of Motherhood? 
Am I just a child responding as a Mother?

Realizing Sam and I have 100% full ownership of our kids made my knees a little weak.  
What do I know about being a full time parent?
I feel like I'm a clever teenager -only in a 34 year old body. 
I sneak into the kitchen late at night to eat ice cream just like I did at 16.  
I still drive through "yellow- reddish" lights,  I hate cooking and I still stay up way too late with a boy!
I hit snooze every time my alarm beeps at me and I  spray my clothes with Downy wrinkle free spray instead of ironing!

Babysitting gave me no advantage.  I burned popcorn, killed a hamster, ate cold cereal and let the kids stay up past bedtime while on the clock!
I felt a great sense of relief when the parents came home.  The weight of being "responsible" lifted as I slipped back into "my world" with a pocket full of cash.
My 2 year old sluggishly falls into my legs after the injure free chase with her brother and says, "Mom...Abi needs water."
It's obvious these kids have total trust in our capabilities of being their parents.
It's all a fluke though.  I'm just rolling with the punches.

I fill her cup with water.  She sips and is off again.  
That was an easy one.  
What happens when she returns years later with a bigger dilemma?
Do I stop the injury before it happens or
do I continue to fill her cup and send her off again?

Sunday, January 15, 2012


It doesn’t matter if church starts at 9am or 1pm.  We’re still late!  I’m not sure I should laugh or cry about my last few days.
I really did a number on my family by having a bad attitude for a few days.
Just goes to prove that mothers really are the heart of the home. (and I really need my sleep!)

World War 3 broke out last night at 4am in our house.  Can you imagine the attitudes that were exposed when 2 Hobi boys and 2 Hobi parents were competing for sleep.  A certain “little one” came into my room AGAIN.  Not wanting my sleep to be further disrupted I placed the little one at the bottom of brothers bed- only to wake him and make him angry to have a visitor.

I quickly escaped their room thinking they both would be too tired to put up too much grief.  Boy was I wrong!  It went on and on...

Then the little one was afraid of the dark and wanted the light on...Brother was annoyed and wanted the light off!

I went to bed last night in a bad mood.  By 4am it hadn’t improved much.

I’ve experienced something like this before.  I remember being angry that I just wanted to be in a bad mood all by myself.  The same thing that happened then happened again.  Days following my “entitled bad day” were ugly with the kids.

I need to be a better example and put on a happy face for a day.  We’d all be better off.

Better yet, I should hire a baby sitter and leave.