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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Playing again

This weekend is Conference. It’s been one of my favorites. 

A little nugget of wisdom offered stung a little.  When my litter of kids were all young, trips to the park never lacked.
Bike rides through town and story time at the library were part of routine.  My life was their life.  I loved to be outside so outside was our playground.
Catching fireflies, watering the garden and bubble baths were the best way to end a day.  
I loved that season of life!
Quickly that time passed and soon we were running around town in the car to various events.  As my kids became more self reliant I, myself, began to discover my own talents and hobbies.
As they out grew the playground apparently I did too
One by one they became school age and  my litter diminished. Soon it was just me and the youngest duck.  He happily followed me around and enjoyed the one on one. 

Today I have a 3 year old at home who follows me with a bounce in her step.  She loves playing with the older kids and gets very excited when they return from school.  My time at home now does not resemble anything to what it was before.  Instead I am cleaning or working on my passions.
Last November during a visit in Utah we drove pass a fast food restaurant with an inside play place.  
“Mom!”  She yelled from the backseat with delight.
“Inside Playground?!!?”
We didn’t see places like this back home so her observation was full of wonder also.
It was then I realized the youngest Hobi didn’t get enough “play time” out side.  I’ve never taken her to play groups like I hosted a billion times before.  I don’t pack a lunch for a nature walk with her either.  My child is a hermit, because of ME.

Now Spring is here and we are excited about being outside.  Bikes are tuned up, and basketballs are bouncing on the court.  Announcing a visit to the playground hasn’t even crossed my mind.  Instead Abi chases the older kids on their bikes like a puppy dog.  She hops around the basketball court escaping many bongs to the head.

Last week my heart stung as I passed a playground for the billionth time and she happily announced “Playground!!” Like she always does.  It’s not a whine, it’s pure delight that she has spotted a playground. (the same one every time we leave the house.)
I felt very strongly that I need to slow down and make room for her.
With this tugging at my heart, a speaker in Conference spoke of this very thing.  Turn off distractions and be there for your children.
I love being a mom.  I love little children.  I outgrew the playground prematurely.  
It’s time to stop and smell the flowers again.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

BIG abi

Kids really do grow up over night!  I’ve heard it said before and knew someday I would say it too but I assumed it would be when they were all grown.  
I was all about my kids growing up when I had 3 seat belts to buckle, 3 cups to fill with milk and 3 bums to wipe!  I was ready for some milestones and frankly some of them didn’t come soon enough.
I remember the days when I would go to the library to waste time.  Sit outside and color the patio with chalk, and watch the clock Tick-Tock ever so slowly.  My days seemed SO long.  I had a routine at night which included a 45 minuet bath! (for the kids not me)

Today things are very different.  My clock doesn’t Tick or Tock anymore.  It ZOOMS!  I’m in full throttle the moment my feet are out of bed.
I don’t answer Super Hero questions anymore.  Instead I pin posters of Michael Jordan and Jimmer Ferdett on walls.

I don’t pick up princesses, I drop off movies.  

I loved the little kid stage, but I’m enjoying the bigger kids phase too.

I like to think I have the best of both worlds right now.  While my older 3 are off to school all day I stay at home with Little Abi in the “Little” stage.  I love listening to Dora and Boots while I am cleaning.  I love nap time and sippy cups.  But today, Abi went and messed everything up!

I’m not kidding when I say she woke up a different child!  She did!  As of today she started talking in sentences.  Her little belly was poking out of her shirt and she walked like a KID not a toddler.  It was like a whole new world opened up today for her.  She walked me to my closet when I told her I needed to get dressed and pointed to my side and said: “There it is!”
After I was dressed and pulled my hair up she called me a “Princess.” 
I fell in love with a different girl today.  She is a Big girl. 

She took my snack and ate it all.  I sat on the floor and watched her grow up in front of me.  I love her so much.