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Monday, June 2, 2014

Updates ready to be installed

I drop my 12 year old off at Middle school wondering how we’ve arrived here already.  I hear my 11 year old daughter FaceTime with her friends in the next room and remember how my phone was attached to the wall by a cord.

I don’t read bedtime stories to my 9 year old anymore.  Instead, he is writing his own creative stories that entertain me.

My youngest is 4 and she is the only one I understand.  Her underwear has Olaf reassuring me of her youth.  Her toothpaste is sparkly blue and her favorite toy is a ladybug umbrella, but she has already figured out she can call Grandma on my iPhone by giving Seri the correct demand without needing my password.

I didn’t anticipate their world taking a HUGE shift so quickly.  
Out with the old and in with the new happens so quickly I can’t pull the price tag off fast enough.

Wednesday is the last day of school.  They grow like weeds in the summer.

Each morning I realize I need a parenting App updated.
I need instant download ASAP

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stranger at Home

Sixteen years ago I left my hometown.  
I was an 18 year old girl ready for change! 

Last week I returned to find change moved in when I moved out.

 A visit to the Christiansen’s brought us to Hurricane, (the place where the majority of my life experiences and memories were created) but this wasn’t the town I remembered.

Spotted here and there I recognized buildings and houses that triggered memories but for the more part I was a stranger in my hometown.  
This visit, I viewed Hurricane through a different lens.  I understand today how little I knew then, but still yearned for that youthfulness.  

Nothing was the same.  Houses seemed smaller than I remembered them, the schools I attended were not the schools I saw and the streets my friends and I ruled were replaced by strangers.
Those friends, that life, and this town aren’t mine anymore.

I felt sad as we drove away.   
I felt as if  my memories and relationships didn’t really exist.  

I wondered if car racing through the streets, high school sports,  or missed curfews ever happened- 
then I looked at Sam and remembered they did.