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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saying GoodBye (for now)

Today we held a little family funeral for the babies.  It went really well.  We had good conversation about the things that happened this week and how we each felt about it.  During this conversation it became clear they didn't know what it meant to have a miscarriage.  I'm so glad we made time to talk.  They really had no idea why/how the babies were gone.
 I was telling them how blessed I am to have a body that can create babies.  We've never struggled getting pregnant and I've always had great pregnancies and I'm grateful my body wasn't harmed during the miscarriage.
When I said this Jen's ears perked up.  "You mean, you can still have babies? You don't have the IUD anymore?" She blurts.
I told her they removed the IUD while I was at the Hospital.
"GO!"  She begs.  Make more babies!" she says as she motions us to leave the room.
She makes me laugh.

Jace shared a poem he wrote the night we lost the babies:
I didn't spend anytime with him that night.  We basically told him the news and sent him to bed.  It was after 11pm when we got home.  He told me he went up to his room and cried and wrote it.
What a sweet boy!
Abi drew this picture.
Jennica wrote a nice letter earlier this week also, but I think it's too personal to post here.

We placed the babies in this special box a friend from India gave us.  


I love my little family.  They each have such tender hearts.  Having a family funeral was good for us.
  I feel the closure I needed.  We are blessed.


The day ended with rain.  Perfect touch.  It reminded me of the Twin rainbow we had a few weeks ago.  I'll pretend we got it again today. :)              

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hobi's in India Video

I don't know where my brain has been!  While updating the Rising Star blogs I realized I never posted my family video from India on my own blog!!
Here it is...10 months later!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My love affair is ending...

I’m in love.  I’m being seduced every second of every day.  
This love affair is messing with my emotions...

My seducer... Fall in Connecticut.  I never tire of the colors, the chilly air, or the constant blanket of leaves on the ground.  Each year the same trees display a different show.  I drive more slowly, take more walks, and carry a camera in my purse during the month of October.  I’ve observed the “BEST” display of colors is around the 15th of Oct.  Most the leaves are at their peak color and haven’t fallen yet.
This time of year I believe I live in the prettiest place on Earth.

Winter has it’s perks too but they are short lived.  The first fall of snow is beautiful in a majestic way but near March it has overextended it’s stay.  By March I am depressed, gravitating to the sun filled window searching for light and warmth like a cat.

In my opinion, Spring doesn’t exist,  April offers a few teasing warm days but the jackets aren’t put away till May.  The dull branches that use to be a source of my adoration are frail and the flowering buds are shy to be revealed.

Summer arrives just in time for school to be out in June.  The trees are dressed again in deep green.  It’s like living in the Garden of Eden. Our days are spent at the pool while we anxiously await the return of our friends from their Global vacations.  
We mostly do “Stay-cations”, which Jace has renamed “Boring Activities.” 

Summer after summer I wish we were in Utah to go camping with the cousins, have sleepovers with Grandma, and enjoy summer fun.
In November I wish we could have Thanksgiving dinner with people we were related to.
In December I wish we could attend a family Christmas Party and enjoy family traditions
but these events have never happened!  Not once!
In January were snowed in and love sledding in our backyard but wouldn’t it be fun to share it with cousins?
With Sam’s work schedule and the fact that you can’t spend the night anywhere without dropping $$$ we stay at home.
Winter break is spent at home.
Spring Break is spent at home.
And Labor Day weekend (along with most 3 day weekends) we stay at home.

We have enjoyed road trips to most Church History sites on the East Coast.
We’ve lived here for 10 years and have exhausted all low budget and local activities.

I’ve missed weddings, funerals, babies, baptisms, cruises, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and reunions!

 A single trip to Utah for the 6 of us is out of our budget.
Instead I settle for “Get Away” trips where I sneak away without the kids and spend time with my family.  

My kids don’t know their cousins.  
They don’t know their 6 Uncles, 5 Aunts and 20+ cousins. 
They don’t know what Grandma’s house looks like and they don’t know their grandpa. 
They get gifts and cards from Sam’s family but don’t get the chance to put the face to the name most the time.

It’s been said that a child who is loved and supported by other adults, along with their parents, is more likely to have greater self worth. 

I would love for my kids to spend time with extended family.  

When I’m in Utah for my get away trips I feel like I can breath again.  I don’t realize how wound up I am here until I go there and it feels like time slows down and I can breath again.  I find myself jealous of the cost of living, the big sky, the close proximity to Temples and family lifestyle that exists there.Returning home is always hard.  

I am in L-O-V-E with the beauty of Connecticut.  But I would give it up to be closer to a family centered life.
The colors on the leaves are tugging at my heart strings but I’m going to let them go.

We are moving to Utah...soon

"Psst"...the kids don't know.  Please don't spill the beans till further notice. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kids, we're going to India...

Today we made the announcement to the kids.  Ideally, we wouldn’t have told them till the day before we left but since it’s in the local Newspapers I figured it’s best they hear it from me rather than someone else.

I pulled up the Newspaper article on the Computer and had Jarom read it out loud.  It mentions the ages and names of my kids going to India with me.  They didn’t respond like I thought they would.  I was expecting more excitement.  It took them a few hundred questions to understand what it meant.
As expected the first thing Jarom said was:  “What about Abi?”
I explained that she would not be going and it broke their hearts.  They are so worried that she is going to be so sad without them.  I reassured them that she would be in good hands.
As the day wore on sudden bursts of excitement would come from one of them as they hammered me with more questions about what it would be like.
Jace asked if we will drive the RV there.  He LOVED our Road Trip to Nauvoo last year.
Jennica wanted to know what clothes she would pack.
Jarom asked if he could watch Sports on the airplane.

We booked our flights today.  That was a scary moment.  Just before clicking the “Purchase Tickets“ button I got really scared.  
”What if this is a crappy airline?  What if one of us gets sick?  This is a lot of MONEY!”
After the “CLICK” I felt better.  It was official!  No turning back.  
Then I got excited.
This is going to be so much fun!!