Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kids, we're going to India...

Today we made the announcement to the kids.  Ideally, we wouldn’t have told them till the day before we left but since it’s in the local Newspapers I figured it’s best they hear it from me rather than someone else.

I pulled up the Newspaper article on the Computer and had Jarom read it out loud.  It mentions the ages and names of my kids going to India with me.  They didn’t respond like I thought they would.  I was expecting more excitement.  It took them a few hundred questions to understand what it meant.
As expected the first thing Jarom said was:  “What about Abi?”
I explained that she would not be going and it broke their hearts.  They are so worried that she is going to be so sad without them.  I reassured them that she would be in good hands.
As the day wore on sudden bursts of excitement would come from one of them as they hammered me with more questions about what it would be like.
Jace asked if we will drive the RV there.  He LOVED our Road Trip to Nauvoo last year.
Jennica wanted to know what clothes she would pack.
Jarom asked if he could watch Sports on the airplane.

We booked our flights today.  That was a scary moment.  Just before clicking the “Purchase Tickets“ button I got really scared.  
”What if this is a crappy airline?  What if one of us gets sick?  This is a lot of MONEY!”
After the “CLICK” I felt better.  It was official!  No turning back.  
Then I got excited.
This is going to be so much fun!!

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