Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coma Day?

I wish there was a day after Saturday, but before Sunday, to allow me to “Get Ready for Sunday.” I need a day to recoup from Saturday.
I would name it Coma Day. It wouldn’t even have to be a full 24 hour day. I think 12 hours would do the trick. I would sleep all 12 hours. I would be better off if this day existed. Historically, Sunday isn’t my favorite day. I always feel tired and more rushed. I take short cuts because...“It’s Sunday” so by the end of the day, my house is a mess (especially the kitchen...but then again, it always is) and I’m grumpy because I didn’t enjoy the day like I had hoped to and Monday is around the corner.
Coma Day would satisfy that crave for a nap and make up for long week days.
Ahhh...if only.

Instead, I will continue to try and master this physical body I have been given.
I’m sort of a slow learner...
Photo: This is the Hobi clan last January.(I want to try to post a photo with each entry. They won't always fit the story.)

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