Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Mom's job

This morning was bitter cold outside.  I sat in the car bouncing in my seat as I waited for the heat to kick in.  Once the kids piled in I turned around to reverse out of the driveway.  I noticed Jennica (8 years) didn't brush her hair.  It was obvious bed head.
I paused for a moment wondering if she was sensitive to her image at this age.
"Jen..." I chose my words carefully.  "Did you want to brush your hair before we left or are you alright with how it looks?"
She rolled her eyes upward, as if she was getting a good look at herself, and carelessly answered,
"No, I'm fine how it is."
I admired her confidence and wondered if I cared at that age.  (I don't think I did)

Eight hours later she is home sitting at the table doing her homework.
I turn to look at her and see pity on her face.
"Did you even do your hair today?" she wonders.

I was speechless.  This was a classic case of the Pot calling the Kettle black!
She had no recollection of our conversation this morning.
I  showered earlier today and let it air dry.  Apparently leaving much to be desired.  This is how I roll when Sam is out of town.

I took the whole clan to Costco this evening. (after a quick up-do)
Costco is the place to be on Wednesday night.  No one was there.  I let my kids roam free.  Jarom hung out by the books, Jennica attacked all the food samples, Jace circled me like a vulture, and Abi pushed the cart like a bulldozer.

When it was time to check out I put Jarom in charge of Abi while I chatted with an old man buying flowers for his date tonight.  He stood aside and watched my kids buzzing around with a big smile on his face.  Then he asked me; "What do you do?"
"What do I do?"
"Yes, are you a Mom?" he clarified
"I am a Mom.  A Full Time Mom."  I laughed.
He chuckled and continued to watch us like we were puppies.

By now the cashier was laughing.
Jace was circling a pole, Abi was chasing him, Jarom was shooting shots at an imaginary basketball hoop while Jennica had her face buried in the Roald Dahl box set I just purchased.  Apparently we were quite entertaining.
I am so glad I am a "Mom 24/7".
Yesterday I heard about this link on K-Love about what a Stay at home Mom's salary would pay up to be.
I checked it out.  I'd make some pretty good money for the hours I put here at the Hobi Home.

MOM Salary Wizard
Match a Job
Make it Local
See Paycheck
If paid, the typical Stay at Home Mom in the United States would earn the pay shown below for her work as a mother.
National Range
National Low
National Median
National High
Local Range
Make it local by adding your ZIP code:

Especially living in a New York Suburb!  I'm worth some good money! I don't want the money now.  I just want the blessings AFTER! :)

And here is a crazy story about a Baby born on a NY train this week!

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