Friday, January 20, 2012

30 Day Challenge (sort of)

I like to listen to K-LOVE radio.  In fact, that’s the only music I listen to.  I really like it because there are NO commercials.  NONE!
Some of the songs are lame, but for the most part I really enjoy the music.  

Jarom and I were listening on the way to basketball one day and he mentioned he liked it when the DJ’s are on the air.  He said they always have interesting things to talk about.  I agree with him.  
Positive, Encouraging, K-Love is their motto.  That’s the way we like it.

I don’t have worry about my kids being exposed to language, lyrics, or news I find offensive.  I actually get the exact opposite.  

My kids get to hear other adults, they find funny, talk about Christ making a difference in a life.  They hear songs that encourage faith and love and they hear scriptures being applied to REAL LIFE!  

At the onset of New Year’s K-LOVE began a 30 day challenge of only listening to Christian music for 30 days.  Then after 30 days evaluate any difference you feel in your life.
I didn’t find it necessary to accept the 30 day Challenge because I already did that- and I LOVE the difference!  I mostly listen to the radio only in the car.  But I noticed the difference right away.  I loved the feelings and thoughts I had while driving.  

I’m sold on it.

I like this concept of a 30 day Challenge.  They explained that giving yourself 30 days to try something new fosters better habits and confidence in goal planning.  Instead of saying your going to be a vegetarian from now on- they suggest you give yourself 30 days.  If you enjoy the change after 30 days go on with it.  If it didn’t turn out to be what you expected AFTER 30 days you stop.  

I want to try a 30 day challenge of keeping my fridge clean!  I really wonder if I can so it!  How often does one clean out the fridge?  It usually sneaks up on me and I’m so disgusted by it I call in an emergency cleaning squad (that would be ME) and do a major clean up.
This happened to me yesterday.  I dove in and worked a number on the fridge!
Now, how hard is it to keep it clean and organized for 30 days?
We shall see...

Oh wait!  I’m a fresh start girl.  I have to start something like this at the beginning of the month.  Turning the page on a calendar does wonders to me!  I LOVE a fresh start!  

I will do this fridge thing for 11 days!  That’s all I have left in Jan.  I guess we’ll call this a pre-run.  Then Feb. 1st I’ll start a NEW challenge!!! 

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