Saturday, January 7, 2012

Premature Spring Fever

Is it really January? This time last year my Mom was stuck here because she couldn’t get a flight out due to snow storms. Her stay was extended an extra week because of snow.
Today, we were outside building a swing enjoying the sun instead of Snowmen! (Well, Sam was building the swing.) I cleaned out the garage like it was Spring cleaning, AND vacuumed and washed the car. Not a speck of snow in sight.
I imagine this is what winter feels like in California. It’s almost eerie to have 50 degree weather in January. My smile widens to think I might have to endure only 2-3 months of Winter instead of the grueling 5!
I can handle the snow boots, gloves, hats, and scarfs for that long. The kids are anxious to take to our snow hill in the backyard but we continue to have sunny skies.
I’ve really got the Spring Cleaning bug. I am ready to tear my house apart and re-organize! Thanks to my recent trip to IKEA!

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