Friday, January 13, 2012

Love Club Hangover?

Love Club Hangover...sounds rebellious and naughty, right?  It so wasn’t.

Last night I “fell off the wagon” so-to-speak and it ran over me a few times.

Is there such a thing as a Chocolate hangover? I’ve never drank alochol (unless you count the Strawberry Wine Cooler that I rebelliously smelled and sipped once as a teenager while working at a grocery store in Zion National Park)  but if you saw the way I stumbled into the house at 2:30am this morning I think you would have suspected I was “under the influence.“  

And then once I told you I was at “LOVE CLUB” eating fruit dipped in chocolate, discussing religion, relationships and birth with my girlfriends you would call me a liar as I curled up into the fetal position and whimpered in pain.

The truth is I really was at “Love Club” having major “girl chat” till the wee hours of the morning.  "Oh, how I enjoyed it too!"  I do realize I am a huge hypocrite as I just posted healthy foods this week and then I go off on a chocolate binge.  But I did qualify this weakness in this post-  I Quote, “I am so fickle at best.”

I do allow an unhealthy divulgance to chocolate once a month at the above said “LOVE CLUB”  This is the official name to describe a meeting of women of different ages culture and/or religious beliefs or background getting together monthly to discuss various topics about life and relationships.  I look forward to these meetings.  It’s so refreshing!   And my friend Monique, creator of Love Club, always makes the best chocolate... something!  I enjoy every bite.  Those sweet moments are savored!  No guilt attached at all.  

Last night she also made cream cheese chocolate muffins.  It wasn’t enough that they were already full of sweet goodness...I had to dip it into chocolate too!  I did notice I was the only one that emptied my little dish full of dipping chocolate!
My body went into sugar shock at the same time I climbed into my car.  

It was raining outside and there was a lot of fog.  I couldn’t see 10 feet ahead of me as I drove through the winding roads of my slumbering town.  I had the heater cranked, wipers flying, brights on, and K-LOVE ringing in my ears when I was overcome with the desire to vomit!  I was so car sick.  I was the one driving!  

I was so happy to flop into bed  and try really hard NOT to think about chocolate and NOT to think about the duties that would face me when the sun came up.  I just wanted to be asleep, but of course sleep didn’t come to me.  
Instead I lay there thinking about the funny things shared that night, and how grateful I am to know such amazing women.

Morning came and I managed to get my kids to the school bus on time.  I rushed inside creeping quietly back upstairs hoping to sneak back to sleep before the baby awoke.
I pulled the covers over my head and let out a sigh of relief.....


it was still worth it.

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