Monday, January 30, 2012


Life lessons never come at a convenient time for me.  
I learn that I need to exercise self control when I am really hungry.
I learn that my true self is NOT kind when I am uncomfortable.  
And I find I want to cry when I am over whelmed.
It’s in the Heat of these moments that I have a choice to make, and most the time during those moments I’m feeling sorry for myself.

Today Jarom had one of these "Life Lessons" also.  He didn't want to participate in something I committed to having him attend.  He did a great job expressing his feelings.  He explained to me why he didn't want to be there and what he was feeling inside and begged me to let him stay home.
I totally understood what he was feeling.  I remember feeling the same when I was a kid
As he was squirming in the seat next to me I wanted to take away his uncomfortable feelings.  I wanted to tell him he didn't have to go but I knew this was "One of those Life Lessons" that can only be learned by experiencing it.
I knew what he was feeling in the car, on the way, was a lot worse than the actual event.  
It was HIS OWN MISCONCEPTION that was causing the fear.  I knew once he got there everything would be fine.
And it was. 
He lacked confidence in himself, but had to move forward.
Those moments are scary and hard.  But those moments make you into something.

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