Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I take back what I wrote yesterday about not being consistent in anything. I’m pretty consistent in a lot of things but I’ve labeled them as “bad” so don’t consider them as accomplishments like I would the others. I'll turn over a new leaf and proudly claim some consistency...

~Sleeping in.
I ALWAYS want to sleep in. If the clock reads anything before 9am I want to go back to sleep. No matter what day it is!

~Ignoring the kitchen.
I will choose ANYTHING over doing the dishes. I consider it a GREAT accomplishment when I do dishes ONCE a day.

~NOT Getting ready for the day.
I really hope I can chalk this up to being just a phase, but I will admit I don’t spend more than 10min. looking in the mirror. My intention is just to look presentable at the bus stop but the truth is I never return to the mirror again. On the rare days when I do get “Ready” I wonder why I don’t do it more often. I takes too much time. I’d rather get “Things” done than spend my morning in the bathroom!

I found a system that works great with the laundry. ALL the kids clothes are in the laundry room. I don’t store any clothes in their room!
They dress and undress in the Laundry room so the bedrooms stay clean! When I am done with a load they go straight from the dryer into the dresser or their individual clothes rack. I love this. (I also keep all the toys in the basement so NO toys or clothes= Clean Rooms!
BUT just to keep it real I always leave mine and Sam’s laundry half undone. I always have a full laundry basket in the bedroom. Some days they are dirty and other days that same basket is clean. Sam loves this guessing game!

I hate shopping. Whatever kind of shopping it is...I don’t like it. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.

~Ice Cream.
I’m very consistent in this department! I love Ice Cream. I can eat ice cream till the cows come home! Right now my favorite is Vanilla with a huge handful of chocolate Chips! Yum!

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