Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Day= Pajama Day

It was nice having an extra day off today.  I slept in till 9:30am.  I love that the older kids can hold their own in the mornings.  Abi is even content hanging out with the big kids till I wake from the dead.

I taught Jennica how to make pancakes.  (She’s 8)  She said she would make pancakes if I forget to wake up this week.  I told her if I forget to wake up this week she would have bigger problems than just no breakfast!

I was in a better mood today.  I tried extra hard to listen to Jace while he talked.  He must have ALL of your attention while talking to you or he starts his story ALL over again!  Sometimes it’s exhausting just waiting for him to get to the point.  
Today I did better.  I patiently looked at him as he HAD to explain everything (I just watched) Abi do.  
I noticed how handsome he is becoming.  I told him he looked older today and he agreed.  He said he noticed too when he looked in the mirror.  He said he thinks it’s because he just left his “bed head“ instead of fixing it.

Abi is saying a lot more too.  It so cute to hear her little voice, but I want her to continue signing.  She will sign and say the words most the time but I know this will lessen as her speech takes off.
Today she told me she would be ”right back“ as she left the room.  I have some videos of her doing sign language I need to post.

For Family Home Evening we had a great family discussion on Martin Luther King.  I guess it was more like a mini History lesson.  We talked about the Emancipation Proclamation and read MLK’s Dream Speech.  All of us had comments and questions to share.  I thought it was cool that this topic suited all ages of our young family.  (Great job Sam!)
For the activity we played our family favorite- Pictureka!  This is the ONLY game I have ever witnessed Sam lose.  Our little Jennica is UNSTOPPABLE!! It’s a quick find game and no matter how we scramble the boards Jennica is on FIRE.  It’s comical to watch.  I am so bad at it.  I love to play it just to see Sam loose! ha

I spent most my day transferring my Ember in India blog to Blogger.  It’s still work in progress but you can fin it at

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