Saturday, August 22, 2009

Black Belt

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Thursday Night in a small gym, a seven year old boy tested for a black belt. A task for which he had trained for over three years.

At the age of four Jarom joined Tae Kwon Do because it was the only activity offered for his age.

The first day of class he learned to do a jumping jack, and began the challenge of controlling his body.

As the weeks passed Tae Kwon Do became part of his life.

Soon enough it was obvious Jarom was a natural.

For the next several years he attended class three times a week and rarely complained about it.
As his body grew so did his self-confidence and ability. Every two months he tested for a higher belt and passed.

Preparing for the black-belt test took a lot more than just showing up for class. He studied at home to memorize forms, their names, kicks, combinations and much more. It was a mental test just as much as a physical one.

This day was his big day. One other student from his class was ready for this same test and the two of them began warming up as the gym began filling.

I can only imagine how this little seven year old may have felt seeing the room fill up with supportive friends: school friends, home teachers, missionaries, Primary friends and teachers.
This support meant much to me. Thank you to all who came; you helped make it special for us.

He gave them a show. He worked hard and stayed focused the entire hour and a half.

Black Belt achieved! And well deserved.

He left the gym wearing a black belt and carrying a-taller-than-Jarom trophy, and has an entire lifetime ahead to know he can do hard things.

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Jumping dad and another student doing a flying side kick to break the board.

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Nailed it!

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Power Breaking. Five boards at the same time.
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Jarom when he started Tae Kwon Do in 2006.

Stay tuned for the video I am making....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Super Size Me!

Nothing comes in right portions these days.

A simple need to fuel our bodies is “Super Sized” sending us on our way to endless problems.
(BTW- I LOVED the documentary Super Size Me, watch the trailer below)

Going to the movies isn’t enough anymore. It’s got to be IMAX!!
One can’t even see the entire screen without holding on to something as to not fall over, all the while balancing the BUCKET of popcorn and GALLON of soda we pass off as snacks.

Lets not leave out the Home Entertainment. A television is no longer left to the corner stand in the living room, it is now multiplied and glorified by being hung on the walls in several rooms.

Bigger isn’t the only thing better. More is too!

I don’t eat at fast food restaurants, but Super Sizing doesn’t escape me.

I am not one to have “scoops” of ice cream. I eat ice cream by the pints.

Pizza doesn't come in Super Size but I'm confident I could eat till the cows come home.

I do laundry by “Super Loads” (That's the actual setting name) I triumphantly close the lid and say “Super Size Me!” I LOVE that setting.

I shop at Costco. Anyone who needs to push a dolly cart to shop is a “Super Sizer!”
I feel like a Giant playing house while loading the the huge boxes of laundry and dish detergent into my cart.
Bananas come 15 to a bunch!(that would take me half a month to eat) Toilet paper fills the entire cart, leaving some consumers balancing them atop their children’s head, muffins serve 3 families, Cheese Puffs are the size of golf balls, and can those pizza’s really fit in a regular oven?

We live in exciting times. Who gets to exercise patience these days?

Want to watch a movie? Download one.
Want to skip commercials? DVR
Need to talk to someone on the other side of the world? Use your cell phone.
Want to see the pictures you just took? Upload them.
Want to share them with someone? Email them
Need money? Use credit card.
My list can go on and on.

The point of my blogging on "Super Sizing" and "Patience" is actually a play on words.

I do have a message, but not the patience to endure time to tell.

So, I wonder who really reads this and can you guess what am I trying to say?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking back- the car

Turning sixteen was a Heavenly day for me. On that day I gained a portable personality. I was a proud owner of a car! I have no idea what kind of a car it was, but I do remember it was blue, it was MINE, and it started without a key.
This car was my extra closet. It carried my basketball bag, soccer shoes, track clothes, extra clothes, books, and a bunch of other smelly things... like boys.
I was in charge of the music, the money for fuel and the roads!
(My biggest pet peeve was when someone else honked my horn while I was driving!!! Keep your hands off my horn!)

Looking back I realize that car took me many places and through many phases.

Like races through town at crazy speeds, football games in the middle of nowhere, road trips with friends, boyfriend drive-by’s and through the canyon to work at Zion National Park each summer.

I learned how to play road games with boys driving on the highways. (I can’t believe I am still alive or that Lindsey wasn’t kidnapped. I would DIE if my kids did some of the things I did!!)

I pushed the limits with that car all the time.
My car was good to me. As my senior year came to an end, so did my relationship with my car. I sold her for $500 and went to Mexico for my Senior Trip. (where was my loyalty??)

Selling her was removing myself from my high school life, and the friends and the town went with it.
Now It was time to move on to the “real world” (aka College, and a whole different story)

Today, my car represents a different Me. It still carries sport bags, stinky shoes, books and a bunch of other smelly things....little kids. I am still in charge of the music (Scripture Scouts 24/7) and my horn is still a big No, No!

This is a car I won’t be trading for any type of vacation or ditch for a new life. I want to hang on to this phase and it’s passengers forever!! (An upgrade may be necessary soon. Seats are running low)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Bandit

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This summer something has happened to Jace.
He isn't quite himself.
He has turned into a "Bad Guy!"
I understand it's hard to be good all the time.
He was on a 4 year roll. This day was sure to come, right?

Maybe it's the late night bedtimes, lack of routine, or too much action all day??
My little dress up King has gone to the "Dark Side."

Last week he helped himself to the sucker bowl. He ate Eight suckers is less than 5 min.
He was going for some kind of record!
Yesterday, he got into my car and consumed 10 pieces of my gum.
Today, he returned to my car and finished off the pack of gum and peed on Jennica's floor- just for fun.

He's some kind of animal that feels he needs to mark his territory. For the past month he has randomly peed on the floor and laughs about it!!

What happened to my child??

This evening I took the kids to the park and he was King Grump of the day. He was the screaming child walking to the car. I realized his little body needed an early bed time.
After a bubble bath I cuddled up with him on the top bunk and told him I would read him Peter Pan.(His favorite to dress up as)

As he snuggled into me I remembered how he was as a baby. He would always snuggle his nose into my body and fall sound asleep.

He kissed me over and over as I tried to begin the bedtime story. He kissed up and down my arm then reaching for my face he smashed his lips onto my cheek, pulling me away from the book.

It was clear he wanted Mommy time.

Fifteen minuets later, my little one was asleep with his arms wrapped around me. Then it occurred to me that this has never happened before.

I have never had a child fall asleep to a bedtime story.

I needed that moment with him as a Mom. I will always remember that sweet moment while reading Peter Pan.

I love this kid. In all his characters...

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baptism Trip

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In a few months our oldest turns eight!
Turning eight is a big deal.
We believe all children are born innocent and by the age of eight are old enough to be held accountable for their own choices.
With that accountability Jarom gets to choose to be baptized.

In our family, regardless of their choice to be baptized, Dad will take a soon-to-be-eight child on a "Baptism Trip."

Last month Jarom's baptism trip was a weekend in Palmyra, New York to visit Church History sites of Joseph Smith and to watch the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

Just the two of them.

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Jarom's baptism date is set for October 10th.