Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Healthy Foods

I don’t intend this to be a food blog, but FOOD is very much a part of my life.  (Especially when I am transforming into...TOTAL HOTNESS! hahaha)
I’ve played this game before. (and won 1st place!)  I know what it takes to loose weight.  It takes  me throwing out all the ice cream and chocolate.  I’m pretty confident that I ate chocolate or ice cream almost daily since October.  It was that darn Halloween Candy staring at me all day long!
And the darn Ben and Jerry’s that Sam would bring home!  (He was sabotaging me!)  It’s a known fact around here that I can out eat anyone in ice cream.  I’m just getting started with a PINT. 

I’ve been “The Biggest Looser” before and I did it by eating right.  So, today I pulled out some of my old favorites.
Blueberry yogurt w/ cottage cheese.
This is great with any flavor yogurt.  I especially like Chobani yogurt because it has live active cultures and probiotics. (which means it helps digestion and is good to your stomach lining)  It's a thicker yogurt and not full of sugar so if your looking for the candy tasting yogurt this is NOT it.  And I always buy 4% cottage cheese-even when I'm loosing weight.  I like this brand because the ingredients are natural and simple. If you look at the ingredients to your food you want all items to be REAL not crazy chemical names.

"Killer salad" Named by Jarom
This is my lunch, and I could eat it for lunch EVERYDAY! (and I did while in a Biggest Looser competition and I won!) Even on days when I'm super hungry this salad does the trick!
Not all lettuce is created equal! I always use ROMAINE salad.  Iceberg lettuce has NO nutritional value.  Romaine is so much better for you. I dump pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, cheese, crackers, and half an avocado on my salad.  I use a yogurt dressing.

Lentil Tacos

I love these tacos.  They are tasty and I can have them on the table in 15 minuets flat!
Just add taco seasoning (check the ingredients. NO MSG. )

and Green smoothie.

I forgot to mention where I learned about Green Smoothies.  Check out the Green Smoothie Girl!  I bought her manual and learned so much about healthy food!
Today I added the other half of my avocado to the smoothie and no one even noticed.  It was a bit thicker but no one noticed.  Not even Jennica!

I'm a big believer in eating Fresh, Whole and Natural Foods.  When I don't eat them my body reacts.  That's where I am today.  I've got to get back to the basics.


Jaclyn said...

What is the "game"? I can't get the link to work. I am competing with a group of women from Darien right now and just cutting calories. Are you using a menu?

Jena said...

That salad looks good... except the pumpkin seeds, are they really that good? I gotta get on this health train with you PLEASE!

Rising Star Outreach said...


Beware...this health train ran over hurt! :)
These salads are so yummy. I can't really tell the pumpkin seeds are there because the crackers are crunchy too. (but I like pumpkin seeds) Just start with eating one every day. Salads are so tasty when you load it with what you like. Don't think of it as a diet either. We have this very salad for dinner sometimes. Your body will crave them if you stay committed.

Ember said...

Hey Jaclyn. I fixed the link (well, it worked for me so I hope it works for you) It was just a post about me joining the Biggest Looser Competition. I didn't use a menu, but I cooked fresh, whole and natural meals.
My breakfast was always 1 egg, 1 slice of toast.
1/2 Green Smoothie mid morning.
Salad for Lunch (loaded like my post mentioned)
1/2 green smoothie and handful of almonds mid afternoon
Dinner was from the Green Smoothie Manuel. Mostly legumes, rice, lentils or more greens. Great meals!
I lost 3lbs a week! Good luck! How are you doing in the competition?