Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know this letter is a bit unconventional, but I have an urgent matter to discuss with you.
 My kitchen is requiring way too much of my time!
As you know, I am a mother of 4 growing kids.  My life is too short to be living in the kitchen!

If I spent the required time it takes to keep my kitchen clean I’m afraid I would miss out on all the cute songs my baby sings, the practices at the piano, and the sports my boys participate in.

I’ve put some thought into the situation and have decided all I REALLY want for the rest of my life is a Kitchen Fairy.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “HOT ITEM”, in fact I’ve never heard of anyone having one so the supplies won’t be in high demand.

I’m willing to forfeit the Tooth Fairy (she’s been great by the way.) the Easter Bunny (He never shows up) and the Hobi Hobbit ( the kids will kill me!) 

I’m pretty sure IF I had the Kitchen Fairy I would be the best girl EVER.

My husband would love it because I would actually paint my nails like the other women who don’t do dishes, and he wouldn’t trip over the dishwasher door that is left open more times than not.

My Kids would love it because I would be more loving from sun up to sun down.  I wouldn’t have the mess staring at me all day long, and I wouldn't get so annoyed when it was time to eat.  

I can handle the rest of the house, for now.  I’ll ask the MR. for the Housekeeper when baby #5 comes around.

The make and model can be up to you...just don’t make me look bad.

You’re the BEST!

PS: Shipping and Handling is FREE if delivered tomorrow!
Oh, and one more thing...My Mom fits the description of a "Kitchen Fairy" I tested her out last summer and she was wonderful.  Either send her to me or send her a man.  

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