Monday, February 20, 2012

Last day

I enjoyed my week of "Staycation"  
I think the kids enjoyed it too.  The weather here has been fantastic!
They've been riding bikes, playing football, and blowing bubbles
outside like it was Spring.

Jace asked if he could play water games outside-it wasn't that warm, but the air obviously felt different to him.

Jennica has mastered the Hula-Hoop!  She can even do it while looking bored!

  Abi has become addicted to frozen Strawberries pulls on you till you follow her into the kitchen then she bats her pretty eyes and signs "More Strawberries please"
I have red handprints all over my walls. 
NEW RULE: Abi only gets strawberries while sitting in her highchair!

Jace has been pretending to be Wonka, hiding golden tickets around the house. 
(No candy to be found though)
He put on the Dr. Seuss Hat and carried a skii pole for a cane.
(Missed that photo opportunity)
Sam took over in the kitchen this weekend.  I love that my Man can cook!

I found Abi sitting alone at the table snacking on cheese while she waited for dinner to be ready.

Today is Presidents Day.  This means no school and no work.  All the Hobi’s were at home.
Sam and Jarom spent most the afternoon playing basketball, Jennica and Jace played out in the yard, Abi took a nap all afternoon and I cleaned all day.

I took another shot at the jump rope workout and liked it a lot better today. (No accidents! ha!) With the right music I think jumping is a good workout.  Instead of 1 song I went through 3 and then did some lunges.
I feel so much better when I exercise!  It got me moving the rest of the day.

For Family Home Evening we played a new game called What’s Yours Like?

We had a good time.  I ended as the CHAMPION this round!  It’s a fun game for bigger kids.  Our youngest is 6 and only needed a little help.

 Root beer Floats for dessert!  Jarom's favorite.
  Tomorrow better be kind to me.  I'm out of practice with schedules.

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