Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Break

This week the kids have been out of school for Winter Break.  Winter still hasn’t shown up but we like the break nonetheless.

Like always, we are doing a “Stay”cation.  
I LOVE being at home with no where to go!!!
I’m taking a break from all my duties around here too.  Our days have been filled with NOTHING!

it feels so good!

Jarom goes to basketball camp every morning.  He is turning into an awesome baller.
(He's also a Trend Setter.)

Jennica makes breakfast ALL by herself for the whole family!  (I’m loving this skill she’s developing)


Jace has listened to his favorite audio books 
The Witches

and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

and then watched both the movies.

I’ve been reliving the past as I’ve backed up journals and photos on the hard drive.
I backed up 15,000 pictures (Not kidding) from my computer and then condensed it to 3,000.

My computer is YOUNG again now that I freed up space.

Just to make it feel like a vacation, we've let 3 older kids sleep together at night.
They are so bad a sleepovers!

Monday night they decided they wanted to sleep in the basement...
They all ended up in their own beds by morning.

Tuesday night they decided to sleep in the living room on the pull out couch...
They fought forever (over spots) before falling asleep.

Wednesday night they tried the basement again...
all 3 were upstairs by 4am.

Tonight they are, once again, on the couch...
I can still hear them giggling, farting, and fighting. 

It's just one big party all night long!

Sam is in Canada for business today.  His flight just landed.  
I bet he'll walk into a house of rowdy kids and a 
wife snoozing upstairs.
(dishes and laundry NOT even close to being done, of course!!)
Having all 4 kids home doing nothing take a lot out of me. :)

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