Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm getting old ~ Part One

One day you will wake up and realize you’re not young anymore.  I can’t imagine this transition of aging is something that will knock you over one day, but I do think it will sneak up on you.

As a “young adult” old age was obvious.  I could see it in the hair line, the body and the face.  As I get older that fine line is a bit hazy.

I am afraid I am getting old.

I’m not giving up on my youth all together!  I am only 33 years old, and I’m afraid that puts me smack in the middle of Young and Old!  

I still feel young but my body is reminding me that I’m leaning closer to OLDER.  (or maybe I’m just out of shape?)

I woke up one morning and caught a glimps of my reflection in the mirror.  
I looked old.
I corrected the reflection by putting on my tight jeans, make up and taking a straightner to my hair.
Ahhh...youth restored.

I like that I am the “Young Mom” in all of my kids classes. 
  I’m ok with that.  
Jarom likes to bring up parents ages to his friends.
  He get’s a kick out of learning his friends have parents in their 50’s.  

I’m starting to see the benefits of being older too.  
WISDOM is at the top of the list.  I’m looking forward to MORE of it.

When I was young I remember my mom and her sisters laughing so hard one of them would pee their pants.  I was shocked to learn of this!
When I got a little older I learned “Mothers” couldn’t jump on a trampoline any longer because they would pee their pants!!
I witnessed my Mom giving the trampoline a shot and you can bet I watched carefully to see if she would loose control of her bladder.  
She didn’t!  
BUT she bounced in a goofy way, with her arms out and stiff knees as if she was afraid to give her weight to each bounce.

Each of these were examples of AGEING, to me.  In my mind, I assumed I would be OLD when things like that happened to me.

Well...the proof is in the pudding!  I am OLD!!

Yesterday, I decided to step it up a notch and start jump roping again. 
My goal is to jump rope the entire duration of 1 song.  I picked this workout. but only did this song 

As I started jumping AGE slapped me right in the face!!
I was totally thrown off!  I couldn’t believe what just happened....
I almost peed my pants!
  I tried to ignore it but I had NO control what so ever!!
It just happened!  
I froze for a minuet weighing out my options.
If I keep jumping will I REALLY pee my pants?
Jennica was jumping with me too.  She stopped because I stopped.  
"Keep going" I urged her.  

The deal was we would jump till the song was over.  
She saw this as "Mom being a slacker" because it turned out harder than it sounded.
I began jumping again, lifting my feet as lightly as I could.  
Eventually I was able to jump with more confidence, but the entire time I was begging the song to get over.

What’s wrong with me?  
How did this happen?  
I’m only 33 years old!!!
I'm an athlete! 
Then I remembered....I’ve had 4 kids!
I'll never be the same.
my mom had 7 kids and she makes OLD look GREAT!
I hope I'm a Hot Grandma like her!
(ps- she is single... 
Contact me for more information!)

Life's like a Jump Rope...

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