Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No good very BAD day!

No good very BAD day!! (And it's only noon)

Went back to bed after sending KidS off to school.
Missed several phone calls from my second-grader inviting me to attend "Special visitor day" at 9:15 (it was 10am)
My alarm reminds me i am   Jennica's "very special visitor" at 10:15. 

Again, its 10am. I am 20min from school and last night she requested I show up wearing jeans and a nice shirt with my hair done and make-up...really?  As if I wear my sweats all day with messy hair!  I only do that Mon-Sat!!!  I look in the mirror and see I am NOTHING close to that and I'm already late!  I do my best 

I quickly obey all driving laws (wink wink) and make it to school in record time and park in the bus zone along with 20 other people. 
I missed jennica's event but meet her in the hall along with jace and beg forgiveness.  As I'm doing this jarom walks by heading to his "special visitor" activity. (I wasn't invited -he thought it was lame-but heck, I was there so to make myself feel better i asked if i could stay.) 
While playing BINGO the loud speaker requests the driver parked in the bus zone is blocking the kindergarten busses from arriving. Move your car!  Knowing i wasn't the only one parked there I embarrassingly slip out the gym expecting to be among others.  When I get to my car it's the ONLY one there!!  Like a big elephant blocking the busses!! 
Can it get any worse?!  Holding back the "I'm a looser tears" I return to my 5th grader to finish our BINGO game....then I lost!

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