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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saying GoodBye (for now)

Today we held a little family funeral for the babies.  It went really well.  We had good conversation about the things that happened this week and how we each felt about it.  During this conversation it became clear they didn't know what it meant to have a miscarriage.  I'm so glad we made time to talk.  They really had no idea why/how the babies were gone.
 I was telling them how blessed I am to have a body that can create babies.  We've never struggled getting pregnant and I've always had great pregnancies and I'm grateful my body wasn't harmed during the miscarriage.
When I said this Jen's ears perked up.  "You mean, you can still have babies? You don't have the IUD anymore?" She blurts.
I told her they removed the IUD while I was at the Hospital.
"GO!"  She begs.  Make more babies!" she says as she motions us to leave the room.
She makes me laugh.

Jace shared a poem he wrote the night we lost the babies:
I didn't spend anytime with him that night.  We basically told him the news and sent him to bed.  It was after 11pm when we got home.  He told me he went up to his room and cried and wrote it.
What a sweet boy!
Abi drew this picture.
Jennica wrote a nice letter earlier this week also, but I think it's too personal to post here.

We placed the babies in this special box a friend from India gave us.  


I love my little family.  They each have such tender hearts.  Having a family funeral was good for us.
  I feel the closure I needed.  We are blessed.


The day ended with rain.  Perfect touch.  It reminded me of the Twin rainbow we had a few weeks ago.  I'll pretend we got it again today. :)